Throw the perfect cowboy themed birthday party.

Tips for throwing a cowboy birthday party

Is there anything more fitting for a young child's birthday than a cowboy-themed party? We don't think so. The fact that these parties are so well received by children are one of the main reasons that they've become so popular on the birthday circuit. But you want yours to stand out, to be better than the rest. As it turns out, it really isn't that difficult to craft a cowboy-themed birthday party that will have your guests leaving smiling and excited for the next year. Here are three great ideas to ensure that your cowboy birthday party is a huge success:

Digging for gold party game
The cowboy birthday theme certainly doesn't present any shortage of ideas for party games. Still, we find this one to be a timeless favorite. Digging for gold is a simple game to set up with a tasty, tangible reward. All you'll need are several plastic bins, some zip-close bags, chocolate coins and sand. Fill the plastic bins with sand and place groupings of the chocolate coins (preferably the kind wrapped in gold foil) in the zip-close bags, sealing them afterward. Bury the bags underneath the sand in the various bins and allow the children to dig for them with small beach shovels.

Cowboy birthday invitations
As always, make sure that you get things off to a solid start before the day of the party has even arrived. Our New Sheriff in Town invitations offer a classic take on the cowboy theme, while these Howdy Partner invites display all the same information about your event, but also give room for a picture of your child on the front of the card. You'll want to make sure, if you intend to have everyone dressed in cowboy regalia at the party, that you make this clear to the parents on the invitation. Also, leave a comment on the invite asking parents to respond with any dietary information or food allergies that their children have. It's better to know far in advance than to have to scramble for something they can eat during the party.

Simple sheriff badges
Whether or not you choose to add a dress-up component to your party, you'll want to create something clever for your party favors. For example, you could give each of your guests a personalized sheriff's badge by gluing stars cut out of gold felt onto a cardboard backing. Attach pin fasteners to the back so the children can wear the badges on their shirts. Lastly, print each child's name out on yellow or gold paper, and then glue it to the front of the badge. Make sure that you use the same font for each name to maintain continuity. The kids are sure to love these homemade badges!

Tips for throwing your child's first birthday party.

Tips for throwing your child a first birthday party

Throwing a party to commemorate your child's first birthday can be tricky. You want to celebrate the milestone - after all, it's only going to happen once. At the same time, though, it can be difficult to plan once you consider that your child will likely have no memory of the event. Nonetheless, planning a first birthday to remember doesn't have to be an ordeal. Check out these three tips to ensure that your child's first birthday party sets a high bar for many more birthday celebrations!

Set the right tone
The birthday invitations that you send out will be the first impression anyone has of the event you're hosting, and they also have a great potential for scrapbook material. That said, you want to make the right impression. For a boy, try out Birthday Sparks Invitations, while our Photo Fluttering Design invites might be more appropriate for a young girl. If you'd like to take the invitations a step further, you may want to select one that reflects the theme of the party that you're throwing. For example, our Baby All Star invitations set the perfect tone for a baseball-themed party for your future slugger.

Don't over-budget time
Children, particularly infants, are finicky when it comes to matters of time. For a child's first birthday party, you want to ensure that you aren't allowing too much time for distractions or tantrums to dominate the celebration. Experts believe that most human attention spans will be fully exceeded within an hour and a half, so it's fair to assume that an infants attention span will be considerably shorter. Plan for the party to run no more than 90 minutes, and attempt to schedule it for a time of day when the baby will be either directly pre- or post-nap.

Baby-proof the home
This one may seem obvious, but you're going to want to be sure that your home is safe for both your child and your guests' children. You'll want balloons, but ensure that they are either foil or mylar instead of latex to avoid any potential choking hazards. Make sure that all cabinets and closets are child-locked. This way you will avoid children gaining access to anything potentially harmful. Lastly, remember to ask all of the adults attending if they or their children have any food allergies. If so, make a note early in party planning to avoid serving any foods containing those allergens.

Throw a ladybug themed birthday party for your daughter this year.

Throwing a ladybug birthday party for your daughter

Little girls love ladybugs, it's just a fact of life. That said, a ladybug party is a fantastic option to be used as a birthday party theme for your daughter. Of course, you'll want to be sure to reflect the theme in as many aspects of the party as possible, which can be a bit daunting. Not to worry, though - simply take a look at these great ladybug-themed party ideas to make sure that you're ready for a wonderful celebration!

Ladybug birthday invitations
Assuming that your daughter likes the idea of having a ladybug theme for her party, then you'll want to be sure to select invitations that are consistent with that setting. Luckily for you, we offer Little Ladybug birthday invitations for just such an occasion. The invitations feature a black and pink ladybug design on the front and fully customizable information about your party on the back. Inform people of your party in style with these adorable invitations. 

Ladybug cake
The birthday cake is one of the central-most aspects of any child's birthday party. Fortunately, the ladybug birthday party lends itself well to designing a themed cake. You'll want to begin with any cake that has a circular base and top. Frost this with red and black icing in the form of a ladybug's wing pattern. Insert two black pipe cleaners into the cardboard serving base to mimic antennae and you have a perfect ladybug cake. If you're really looking to go the extra mile, consider designing  a red and black, circular sham to put around the cake's base to offer dimension. If you don't have any fabric lying around the house, consider spray painting black polka dots on an old tutu for a cost-effective solution. 

Ladybug decorations
Make sure that you're setting the atmosphere accordingly by bringing a bit of ladybug-oriented decor to each room you intend to use for hosting the event. Most of this will be very simple. Red, white and black tablecloths will offer a festive touch while also keeping your tables clean. If you have the time, consider putting pictures of your daughter in cardboard cutout flowers and placing them in pots around your home. This may seem like overkill, but it's sure to accentuate the floral, outdoor sense of the ladybug theme perfectly. Lastly, ensure that you have a fair amount of red and black refreshments, for example, red velvet cupcakes and cans of Coke are a must.