Feminine invites are the perfect compliment to a literary-themed girls birthday party!

3 literary heroines to inspire your daughter’s birthday party

If your daughter loves to read, children’s literature might be a great theme for her upcoming birthday party! Every little girl has a heroine, and if your child is more interested in real girls than princesses, draw inspiration from her role model as you plan her special day. Consider these three admiration-worthy literary figures as you plan the ultimate birthday party:

Harriet the Spy
If your daughter is a gumshoe-in-training and loves “Harriet the Spy,” throw a party that will put her sleuthing skills to the test! In addition to decorating with magnifying glasses and notebooks, create fun games that will engage your daughter’s party guests. Set up a variety of bowls filled with various objects, such as cold spaghetti (worms!), peeled grapes (eyeballs!) and a steamed head of cauliflower (brain!). Place these to-be-inspected objects behind a curtain and have each child come back one at a time – blindfolded – to stick their hands into the bowls and hypothesize their contents. For a fun craft idea, make “binoculars” out of toilet paper rolls!

Eloise is known for her adorable mischievousness, but it’s her signature colors – pink and black – that make her story a particularly pretty choice for party inspiration. Fans of the book “Eloise” will love a themed party that features this color scheme. Choose stationery like Pear Tree Greetings’ Little Lady birthday invitations to set the tone. Because this famous girl is known for her forays around The Plaza Hotel, a tea party is particularly well-suited for this kind of event.

If your daughter loves “Madeleine,” decorate with all things French! Whether you display a French flag behind your dessert table or incorporate the Eiffel Tower into your decor, you really can’t go wrong. Create a game out of teaching the kids basic French words like “oui,” “merci,” and “bonjour!”

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