Here are some photo examples for your teen's graduation announcements.

3 photo styles for your graduation announcements

When your teen is set to graduate from high school, you’ll want to celebrate in a grand way. First you need to send out graduation announcements to all your friends and family. Photo cards are a trendy option that tons of young graduates are choosing these days. It allows the personality of the teen to shine for years to come, as people keep the card as a memento. Here are three different photo styles to feature on your high school graduation invitations:

Portraits are one of the most popular options for graduation announcements. They showcase the charm of the teen front and center. Be sure the personality of the graduate shows through in the picture. For example, have the graduate wear a top in their favorite color and have their hair styled just how they like it. Jewelry and hats are also great for showing off the graduate’s personal aesthetic.

An alternative to portraits is to feature a picture of the teen in a landscape backdrop. You can head to a favorite hangout spot of the teen, which can capture a great memory. Additionally, the school works as a great background. Other options include beaches, open fields, benches, gardens and staircases.

If you want to showcase a variety of photos, opt for the collage format on your high school graduation invitations. You can select a variety of images that feature the personality and interests of your graduate. For example, you may choose portraits and landscape scenes on the card along with a photo of a musical instrument your teen plays (if applicable).

Present these options with your graduate to ensure he or she gets the ideal card he or she wants to share with friends and family members.

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