Monster invites for a monster party!

5 best monster-themed birthday party ideas

If your child’s favorite movie happens to be “Monsters, Inc.” or he or she happens to love a spooky tale of ghouls in the night, then you will want to host a monster-themed birthday party. This party is all it promises, full of large and powerful beasts who provide barrels of laughs. Just be sure that your scary monsters are age appropriate, and save the truly frightening ideas for Halloween.

1. Assign a dress code
Get the kids ready for their day among the monsters by including a note on each party invitation that says to dress up as a favorite ghoul. Taking pictures of your child and his or friends in costume will be one of the most memorable moments from this party.

2. Offer face painting
If the celebration happens to be an after-school affair and costumes are not at the ready, start out the party with a monster face-painting session – the kids will love it just the same as dressing up!

3. Send monster invites
You will want your invitations to be as devilish as the party, so send out the Monster Bash birthday invitations from Pear Tree Greetings. This card not only features a couple of monster friends, but it also has a place where you can insert a picture of the birthday boy or girl making his or her scariest face. Don’t forget about the decor! Keep the monster theme alive with the matching Monster Bash party decorations.

4. Provide roaring activities
When it comes to the party, you will want to keep these little demons from getting into too much trouble. Make sure the kids entertained with a few monster-themed activities. Making monsters out of play dough is a great crafting session. Gather multiple play dough colors, a collection of googly eyes and colorful beads. Ask the kids to shape their play dough into beast faces, add the beads for teeth and attach the googly eyes. Be sure to take a picture of each child with their play dough monster – you can include a copy of this in your Monster Bash thank you cards.

5. Make monster-themed desserts
No one truly knows what monsters eat to survive – some say cookies while others say screams. One thing is for sure: Your little monsters will have giant appetites after their monster games. Feed the hoards with specially decorated cookies that follow your theme. Atop any cookie, place half a marshmallow with an M&M in the center. Make sure to have a little icing between the cookie and marshmallow so the marshmallow sticks to the cookie. These creepy cookies look pretty tasty. You can also make ice cream sandwiches out of these monster treats, so when the kids need to cool off, these frozen treats are nearby.

Remember dirt cups? Those miniature plastic containers with chocolate pudding, Oreo crumbs and gummy worms? These are a tasty alternative to any monster cake. If you want, you can also have the kids design their own spooky cupcakes. Just provide a few jelly beans, gummy worms and other candies so that they can decorate their cupcakes with a monster face, and you are set to eat!

With a birthday party full of these ideas, your child will be howling for years to come.

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