Send themed birthday invitations for your child's first big party.

5 creative ideas for your baby’s first birthday party

Your little bundle of joy is about to turn the big O-N-E! It may feel like time is simply flying by, but make sure to stop and take a moment to appreciate this milestone in your little one’s life. A first birthday party is a pretty big deal for both the proud parents and the birthday boy or girl. Make your baby’s first birthday party stand out with these five adorable ideas:

1. Send out themed birthday invitations
This is your baby’s first big party, so your stationery should reflect both enthusiasm and good taste. Select birthday invitations that feature the number one, like Pear Tree Greetings’ Bold Numbers cards. The Colliding Collage invitation also displays your baby’s age and has a gallery space for photos of your little one.

2. Decorate the high chair
If you’re planning on including the classic “1-year-old digs into birthday cake” moment, decorate your baby’s high chair to match your party decor. Bunting flags displaying your baby’s age will look adorable strung across the front of the high chair. Fair warning: These initial cake tastings often get messy. Place cardboard underneath your toddler’s high chair to protect your floors, and line the area with colored ribbon or other decor.

3. Make a dessert table
Add a touch of class to this otherwise kid-centric event with a pretty dessert table. Tiny treats like cake pops and chocolates add an air of elegance, and even your youngest attendees will appreciate them. If you have a motif or color scheme in mind, try to select desserts based on those themes (i.e., macarons for a French-themed party).

4. Display photos
Gather snapshots of your child’s first year on Earth, and tape them to a wall or door in the formation of the number one. Not only will you be carrying the one theme throughout your decor, your guests will be able to check out sweet pictures from your baby’s first year.

5. Make party hats
Party hats can be made to look totally adorable with a little DIY magic, and they are also great mementos for your guests to bring home. Make unique party hats for each guest with the number one featured proudly on the front. The hats will also lend themselves to great photo ops! If making your own party hats seems too intimidating, you can pick some up at any party supply store.

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