5 tips for picture-perfect engagement photos

Engagement photos are something to cherish forever, whether you plan on using them to design your Save the Dates or you simply want pictures to display in your home. When planning your photo session, keep these five tips in mind so you’ll end up with picture-perfect engagement photos.

1. Find the right photographer

Some couples use the same photographer for both their engagement and wedding photos, while others use completely different photographers for both. Whatever you decide, it’s important that the photographer you choose is somebody you’ll feel comfortable with during the photo shoot. If you’re not happy with the photographer, it’ll show in the pictures. Meet all of your potential hires before making a final decision so you can get a feel for each candidate’s personality.

2. Coordinate clothing

When it comes to clothing, you can choose to go as formal or casual as you’d like. The important thing is to wear coordinating outfits. Pick out your outfits together so you can choose colors and patterns that go well together. Clashing outfits tend to be very noticeable, and could ruin a potentially great photo.

3. Choose a location that suits your personality

Every couple is different, so use your engagement photos as an opportunity to capture you and your fiancé’s unique style. You can choose almost any location for engagement photos as long as it makes sense for you as a couple and the spot holds some meaning for you both.

4. Add props

It’s essential to consider the details in order to take great photos. Once you have the location decided, look for ways to enhance the pictures through props. Props or accessories can include anything from decorative signs to picnic baskets. The props you choose will mostly depend on the location and your particular style.

5. Aim to be comfortable

Overall, the most important tip is to just be comfortable. From the clothing you wear to the photographer you choose, it’s important to keep comfort in mind when making decisions. The more comfortable and relaxed you are as a couple, the better the photos will turn out in the end.

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