5 tips to keep the family smiling on photo day

Whether you are gathering everyone around for Christmas card photos or birth announcements, you will want everyone to look their best. No matter what size your family is, you know that getting each person (and maybe even the pets) to look at the camera at the same time – let alone everyone smiling their most welcoming toothy grin – can be extremely difficult. Don’t let picture day bring everyone’s spirits down. Keep everyone smiling and allow the photo to reflect the love and beauty of your family.

Follow these surefire tips to keep everyone smiling on photo day.

  • Don’t drag out the process – Have the family gather together and get into their picture-day outfits only once all of the logistics are set up. If everyone has to wait around for the camera to be readied or rearranging the furniture, they will likely get restless.
  • Stay positive behind the lens – If you are taking the photos yourself, don’t use phrases like “this isn’t working” or “that doesn’t look good.” Put a positive spin on things, affirm that everyone looks beautiful and the pictures are turning out great. You will see the confidence start to shine through.
  • Let everyone have a say – The photographer may have an idea of what will look best, but let each member of the family have a say in the poses or setting of a few photos. These more relaxed, maybe even goofy, pictures may turn out better than you could have imagined and everyone will feel like they played a part.
  • Play music – Music has the power to put everyone at ease and take the pressure off of the situation. Put on some tunes during the photo shoot and encourage dancing or singing breaks – tangents may not be part of the plan, but opportunities like this may lead to some great candid shots.
  • Let go of expectations – If one person gets nervous or frustrated it can create a ripple effect through the whole family. If the shoot isn’t going how you planned, take a deep breath and let it go. Trying to keep the whole family clean and tidy may sound manageable, but embracing the quirks will show the true reflection of your lovely family.

Always remember to stay in high spirits and take the pressure off of picture day. Use it as a chance to celebrate having the whole family together and the smiles will shine through.

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