Announce your new arrival in style

As a new parent, you are responsible for introducing your newborn to the sights and sounds of the world. From that first moment when your baby opens his or her eyes, you are their guide. You will be the one to show them all the beautiful colors of the flowers blooming in spring, the intricacies of a snowflake and the vibrant smile that comes across your face when you two connect. You will be there for the first coo and the first giggle, so you should be the first, too, to tell your friends and family that you have welcomed your little bundle of joy into the world.

A birth announcement should joyfully share the news of your new arrival with friends and family. The announcements are typically sent shortly after the birth of the baby (or babies), and they tend to include photos of the newborn.  If you are a little too sleep-deprived to get a great photo and create the announcements immediately after birth, you can wait for a few months to find the perfect picture and then find time to create and send the perfect announcement.

With pre-made designs you won’t have to fuss over creating a stylish card. Just choose the design that fits best with your photo and your taste. The rest is simple. Have a pre-made address list before the due date so you won’t have to create a list after the fact when you would rather be spending time with your little ray of sunshine, or catching a few minutes of shut eye when the sun is down. You also may want to have a few matching thank you cards on hand in case any congratulatory gifts come your way.

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