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Check the birthday card etiquette list before sending out the invitations.

Birthday invitation etiquette

All successful birthday parties start with the invitation. Before any pinata bursting and candle blowing can occur, your guests will receive a little note asking them to attend your child's birthday party. The invitation is highly important - not only will it let guests know when to show up at the party site, but it will also inform them of formality, theme and rules regarding presents. Follow proper card etiquette rules with these tips:

The format
Email invitations are more than popular these days, but though they offer speed and simplicity, they are not the best choice. Emails can be sent to spam, opened and deleted by accident, or even read and forgotten. A physical card carries more weight for a child's birthday party. Friends will receive the notes in the mail or at school and enjoy the opportunity to open the envelope to gaze at the wonderful design. Parents can then take the card and tack it to the refrigerator, setting themselves and their child a daily reminder of when and where the party will be held. 

By mail or by hand
Handing out birthday invitations by hand can be fun for your child. Getting the opportunity to see his or her friends' faces light up as they read the note is one of the best ways to prepare for a party, but there are times when hand-delivery is the wrong choice. Send your cards by mail if your child is not inviting everyone from his or her class. Kids who don't receive a hand-delivered card could feel left out. Plus it could lead to parents calling to ask about the situation, forcing you to expand your birthday party to include those left out.

You also do not want to hand the invites out at school if the children are younger than the second grade. More often than not, the guests will forget the card at school or lose it while reading it on the bus. You may have to call all of the parents to check if everyone got a card, and that can waste time.

Birthday message
Young children may not be able to read the invitations or have difficulty understanding clever phrases. Your cards need to be age appropriate, so choose a sentiment that will appeal to a range of ages. If the guests are at an age where they can't read yet, choose an invite that is simply stated, with a picture standing at the forefront. For example, take a look at Pear Tree Greetings' Monster Mix in Purple birthday invitations. This card is brightly colored and features two spaces for a cute picture of the birthday boy or girl. If the kids are a little older, feel free to choose a card that focuses more on the words. Pear Tree's Searching for Superheroes cards use clever phrases like "report to duty" and "r.s.v.p. to headquarters." These are words a child can get excited about. 

After checking you have your invite count down to a tee, make sure that all of the spelling and information is correct on the cards. 

Send out movie night invitations for a cinematic birthday.

Throw your little girl a movie star birthday party

Many young children develop the optimistic view that they'll one day be famous. Watching all of her favorite movie stars walk the red carpets at premiers and the Oscars could drive her to take acting lessons or dress in dramatic outfits. Whether your daughter is starring in school plays, or just starring in your life, she deserves the fame and recognition a movie-star birthday party will give her. Here are some ways to host a bash perfect for your budding celebrity. 

Play acting
Discuss your daughter's favorite films and movie stars with her. Try and take inspiration from these famous faces and films for the party. It is best to organize the activities with her best-loved stars and films in mind so they will be all the more enjoyable. Lay out a list of the characters from these movies and use this list to play a game of charades. This way, the kids can get a chance to do a little acting.

Also, set aside costume details like sunglasses, feather boas or top hats at the party entrance that each guests can use for a dress up event, like walking down the red carpet. Don't forget to play your child's favorite film later in the evening.

Set design
When it comes to the decorations, look no further than these ideas. The essentials for creating that Hollywood look include a red carpet, which can be made with actual red carpet or even a red gymnastics mat. If neither of these are available, try using red yoga mats. Along the sides of the red carpet, you should set up a mock red velvet rope. You can make a rope with a velvet effect out of crepe paper. Hang this from the ceiling with string, or attach it to nearby walls. Add another great decoration by hanging a red paper fringe from the doorways to the party room for a classy entranceway. 

Every girl is famous
If you are a do-it-yourself mom, go ahead and build your own walk of stars. The simple format is to take squares of construction paper, any color, and glue another piece in the shape of a star on top. On each star, write the names of every guest, and have the stars laminated. These stars will be party favors at the end of the night. 

Don't forget your concession stand. Every movie theater has one, and your home can too. Design your dessert table as the concession stand, and give each guest coupons with which they can pay for treats. Keep the treats movie-oriented. Oreo's look similar to movie reels, popcorn is always acceptable, and your cake might feature the Hollywood sign.

Gather the stars
When it comes to birthday invitations, Pear Tree Greetings has the perfect option, the Admit One Movie Night Invitations. These cards tell the guests that your party night will include a movie showing. Instead of putting a movie title here, write that the feature will be your daughter's birthday party. Don't forget to include her age. These cards will make sure that your child and all her friends know that she is the star of the show. 

Welcome your new baby into the world with these clever sonogram photo ideas.

Great uses for your baby’s sonogram picture

When you and your partner conceive, there are multiple doctors you must visit. Getting a sonogram is one of the most important and meaningful appointments you will make. Without being able to see your child for nine months, the sonogram can offer you a new way to get close to your little one. The pictures you have when you leave the office are really the first image you'll have of your child. Preserve that important first look so you can enjoy it for years to come. These inventive crafts and photo ideas will give you the opportunity to bask in the beauty of your unborn child:

Purchasing special frames is one clever way to display the sonogram in your household. For instance you can get a frame that features a pregnant woman with a clear space for the sonogram picture in her belly. This will not only be a great way to honor your child, but to remind yourself of how connected the two of you were for so long.

If you are hoping to integrate the picture into your baby's room, choose a frame with multiple picture windows. Place alongside the sonogram photo a shot of you and your partner and a picture of the newborn. If you want to be a little more ingenious with your design, put a photograph of each parent from their childhood (just after birth is best) and place that on either side of the sonogram. You can change out these pictures as your child ages, so that your image ages alongside your baby's.

For the dads who are away
If you or your spouse happen to be away serving in the military, have a special set of dog tags made that feature the sonogram. These will allow the service member to keep their child close at all times, even while they are away.

Birth announcements
Not all parents can keep their excitement in until the day their child is born. It is not uncommon that some of these parents want to send birth announcements, before the delivery. This is no issue and can be a great way to get the extended family ready for a new member. Choose announcements that have a space for you to put a picture of the sonogram. Avoid writing a name on the card if you and your partner have not made a final decision. The Pear Tree Greetings Lasting Introduction horizontal magnet is a great send off. The magnets will make it easy for family to display the image of your future child.

If you do happen to wait until your baby is born to send out birth announcements, be sure to choose stationery that offers the space for more than one photo. The Pear Tree Greetings Girl Snapshots Five Panel has enough photo space for you to put  a few pictures of your newborn and the sonogram. Including both of these photos will allow your card to not only be an announcement, but tell a story as well.