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Photo books are a unique way to announce the birth of your child.

Unique ways to announce your child’s birth

You’re not typical parents, and you don’t want to send any ordinary birth announcements. The way you welcome your little one to the world should be just as unique as they are, so say goodbye to baby blue and pastel pink cards and hello to a creative take on traditional birth announcements! You can put a modern twist on this time-honored tradition with any of these ideas:

Because the birth announcements will have a photo of your little bundle of joy, many of your friends and relatives will choose to display them on their refrigerators. Why not make this even easier for them by sending out magnet birth announcements? Include important details like the name and birth date of your new arrival. If you order the magnets from Pear Tree Greetings, you can even customize the color and design!

Little chick
You know all those plastic Easter eggs you inexplicably saved? Now you can put them to good use! Place a small photo of your little one and a piece of paper with typical birth announcement information (like your child’s birth weight and length) inside. Use a permanent marker to write “Just Hatched” on the outside of each egg, then ship them to your loved ones!

Baked goods
Consider sending a tasty treat alongside traditional birth announcements. Whether you bake them yourself or hire a bakery to do so for you, custom cookies and chocolates are a great way to welcome your little one to the world. Decorate them with your new baby’s name and date of birth!

Movie poster
Computer-savvy moms and dads can get really creative with the way they present their little one to their friends and family members. For example, custom movie posters filled with puns and, of course, a prominent photo of your little one are a whimsical option that everyone will love! From “Bringing Up Baby” to “About a Boy,” there are tons of titles that lend themselves to this unique idea.

Photo book
If you have so many wonderful photos of your newborn that you’re struggling to choose which one to include with the birth announcement, why not send a photo book? Pear Tree Greetings offers a customizable 10-page photo book that you can fill with your favorite snapshots of your little bundle of joy. This is an especially wonderful option if you want to include some photos of the entire family celebrating your new arrival!

Make an invitation memorable with personalized address labels

As they say, it is the details that really separate the good from the great. When you put extra effort into every little detail, your event will certainly be outstanding. Small things, such as the address labels on your invitations or thank you note, can make all the difference when it comes to tying the whole event together.

Small pieces like the address labels offer an opportunity to polish your event and add a personal touch. Before the recipients even open the envelope, you will be able to bring a smile to their faces with a personalized label. Personalized address labels are a fun, inexpensive way to go the extra mile.

Play with these tips to make your mail a little bit more memorable:

  • Design labels to match the card inside – Use the same font, pattern or color as the card inside the envelope for a cohesive look.
  • Personalize the name to reflect the event – If you are ordering your address labels for a specific event, use the labels to hint at the invitation inside. Instead of printing the full name on the return address use “Bride to be,” “Birthday Boy” or “The Happy Couple.”
  • Use a picture – Showcase your favorite family photo, senior picture or Instagram shot on the labels.
  • Print a message on the labels and use them as a sticker closure for the envelope – You don’t have to limit your labels to the upper-left corner of the envelope. Get creative and print short sayings and use the labels as closure stickers.
  • Use stylish labels all year long – If you have a few extra labels that you didn’t use for your event, you can use the labels year round if they aren’t specific to the party. Fun designs and even personalized photos are great for adding a little color to your mail year round.


Opt for a group shot for your graduation announcements

Create lasting memories with group graduation photos

Is your graduate a real social butterfly? If they can’t be found without their group of best friends around them, why not celebrate their friendship with a group high school graduation announcement? This is a great way to let everyone know your grad has a big day coming up and that they wouldn’t be there without their friends. Here are some ideas for how to arrange a fun group photo shoot:

It was a colorful year
Gather your grad’s friends and take a fun photo at their favorite hangout. If they have a diner they love to visit, take a shot of them gathered around a table. Or, if the group loves to toss a ball around, take a picture of them playing sports. Whether you choose a natural candid shot or a carefully choreographed pose, Pear Tree Greetings has just the design for you. The Colorful Year Vertical graduation announcement lets you choose your favorite photo for the front, along with the color of the text. Three smaller images are offered on the back, and you get to pick the background from over 70 colors and textured looks.

Picture perfect grads
Another fun option is to let each member of the group hold a number spelling out their graduation year. Let them have some fun posing for the camera to let everyone know about their big accomplishment. Pear Tree Greetings’ stunning Lines of Distinction announcement card is a great layout design to use, with your photo on the front and gold foil lines of text stamped on top. Three smaller pictures decorate the back, and you can customize the look with your choice of solid colors or textured looks for the background, including chalkboard, denim or kraft paper.

History in the making
If you want your grad to stay the center of attention, group their favorite picture with childhood photos that your friends and family will love to see! Pear Tree Greetings’ Make Your Mark Ribbon Booklet is the perfect design. A picture of your happy graduate decorates the front of this unique card, and when your loved ones untie the ribbon, the booklet opens to reveal four panels with your choice of eight photos on display. Pick images of your grad throughout the years to show everyone how far they’ve come. On the back, add an inspiring message, notes about future plans or a memorable quote that will make this announcement something to cherish.