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Welcome your new baby into the world with these clever sonogram photo ideas.

Great uses for your baby’s sonogram picture

When you and your partner conceive, there are multiple doctors you must visit. Getting a sonogram is one of the most important and meaningful appointments you will make. Without being able to see your child for nine months, the sonogram can offer you a new way to get close to your little one. The pictures you have when you leave the office are really the first image you’ll have of your child. Preserve that important first look so you can enjoy it for years to come. These inventive crafts and photo ideas will give you the opportunity to bask in the beauty of your unborn child:

Purchasing special frames is one clever way to display the sonogram in your household. For instance you can get a frame that features a pregnant woman with a clear space for the sonogram picture in her belly. This will not only be a great way to honor your child, but to remind yourself of how connected the two of you were for so long.

If you are hoping to integrate the picture into your baby’s room, choose a frame with multiple picture windows. Place alongside the sonogram photo a shot of you and your partner and a picture of the newborn. If you want to be a little more ingenious with your design, put a photograph of each parent from their childhood (just after birth is best) and place that on either side of the sonogram. You can change out these pictures as your child ages, so that your image ages alongside your baby’s.

For the dads who are away
If you or your spouse happen to be away serving in the military, have a special set of dog tags made that feature the sonogram. These will allow the service member to keep their child close at all times, even while they are away.

Birth announcements
Not all parents can keep their excitement in until the day their child is born. It is not uncommon that some of these parents want to send birth announcements, before the delivery. This is no issue and can be a great way to get the extended family ready for a new member. Choose announcements that have a space for you to put a picture of the sonogram. Avoid writing a name on the card if you and your partner have not made a final decision. The Pear Tree Greetings Lasting Introduction horizontal magnet is a great send off. The magnets will make it easy for family to display the image of your future child.

If you do happen to wait until your baby is born to send out birth announcements, be sure to choose stationery that offers the space for more than one photo. The Pear Tree Greetings Girl Snapshots Five Panel has enough photo space for you to put  a few pictures of your newborn and the sonogram. Including both of these photos will allow your card to not only be an announcement, but tell a story as well.

If you are welcoming a little one during the holiday season, celebrate with the whole family.

Picture ideas for holiday birth announcements

The holiday season is a time when families spread all across the nation come together to celebrate. If you are planning on welcoming a new one to the family at this time, you are especially lucky. Your child will get the chance to meet the whole family and be showered with love soon after birth. In preparations for your infant’s arrival, you will want to plan on sending birth announcements to all your family members and friends. Start your planning early by picking out holiday themed birth announcements. You will want to include a seasonal picture of your new family member in these cards, so get a jump on the season by planning a holiday photo shoot. Here are some ideas for making the photo shoot, and subsequent announcements, a huge success:

Santa hat
Chances are your newborn will be sleeping during the photo shoot, so the picture will no doubt be cute. Add an additional bit of fun with a Santa hat. For those looking forward to celebrating Christmas, consider your infant as an early gift. Any Santa hat will do, but it may be even better to have your child’s name sewn into the hem for a keepsake. If possible, seat your baby in a miniature sleigh, or have him or her hold onto a large bag of presents.

Cozy knits
Regardless of what holiday you plan to celebrate, you can seasonally coordinate your photos with some warm knit hats and jackets. Use an outfit you have knit yourself, or select an outfit that was sent from a relative. Continue the wintry theme with a little bit of fake snow falling in the background. If you don’t want your little one too close to fake snow, an alternative could be to situate your child on a soft, white, wool blanket.

Little ornament
If you have the opportunity, do the photo shoot while you are setting up your family Christmas tree or Menorah. Display your infant as either a cute ornament, or as the littlest helper. This photo idea is a wonderful way to involve the whole family in the shoot.

You will want to choose cards that will complement your photo themes. For the pictures of your newborn in a Santa hat, Pear Tree Greetings’ Precious Holiday Ornament birth announcement is ideal. This card is also a great keepsake, and can be hung on the tree each year. Or, keep to the Santa theme by choosing Pear Tree’s Candy Cane Stripes Ribbon Booklet. This card allows you to include multiple photos and features the clever phrase, “Santa came early this year.”

Couples looking to avoid any holiday affiliation can send a winter-themed announcement, such as Pear Tree’s Round the Evergreen birth announcements. These cards feature pine trees and pine cones. For your pictures, have your child wear a cozy knit outfit, or consider taking a picture that will have your child surrounded by stuffed versions of some winter animals.

If your family celebrates Hanukkah, choose Pear Tree’s Snowflake Kaleidoscope card. This note is in blue and features a few symbols of winter.

Bringing your baby home for the first time is a totally new experience.

5 things to do in your first week as new parents

Once you bring home your first child from the hospital, your life will be completely different. This change is both exciting and stressful, but always rewarding. Unfortunately, many parents feel more of the stress than anything else. Make sure your first week with baby is full of time to celebrate, relax and establish your life as new parents. Take time out of your busy schedule to do these five things in the first seven days:

1. Schedule a photo shoot
Your friends and family will be ecstatic to hear the news of your child’s birth. They were anticipating the event for nine months, after all. You’ll eventually want to let everyone know that your baby has finally arrived by ordering or selecting birth announcements. These cards can feature a photo of your newborn along with a little welcoming note. Week one with baby will be hectic, but you can call a photographer to schedule a birth announcement shoot. The pictures will turn out amazing if you take them within your child’s first two weeks of life.

2. Find help
Getting sleep during the first week with your newborn won’t be easy. However, we would love for you to get as much as possible – you have to sleep to stay healthy! The only way that will happen is if you recruit some backup. Ask close friends or relatives to sleep over and help you with your newborn. Your mom or dad, for example, is bound to be willing to help you get some much-needed rest.

3. Get to know your child
Your baby is a person you just met that you have to get to know. Week one is the time when you can really develop a parent-child attachment. Let your baby know that they’re safe by spending lots of time together. Hold your child, rock him or her to sleep, cuddle and feed him or her.

4. Keep dad involved
Because you may decide to breast-feed your child, your spouse might feel like he never gets time with the baby. Make sure dad is involved from the get-go by having him bathe, burp or rock your child to sleep. Remember that the two of you are a team, and you can work together to care for your infant.

5. Get some alone time with your spouse
Call your parents or friends over to babysit your newborn, then have a couple of hours for just the two of you. You and your spouse just did something amazing – you had a child! But you still need to give your marriage attention. Set a precedent for the rest of your child-rearing lives in which you put your marriage high on your priority list.