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Follow this planning timeline for a successful baby shower.

Baby shower planning timeline

When friends or family announce they have a little one on the way, it may spur your party-planning mind on toward baby shower heaven. Before you dig into any projects, remember to scheme with simplicity in mind. Give your friend a shower that will send her off blissfully into motherhood. The planning timeline below should help you keep track of all the tasks and projects you will need to complete, and when you will need to complete them by:

After accepting the job – five months before
Once you know that you have been deemed host, ask the mom-to-be whether she wants to have the shower before her baby arrives or after. Let the mother know that a shower can be a great way to introduce the newborn to extended family, but that having the shower before the birth can offer the mother-to-be a chance to enjoy her friends and relatives one more time on her own. Another bonus is that having a party pre-birth will set up mom-to-be with any necessary baby supplies. At this time, you will also want to figure out a definitive guest list. If the lineup is extremely long, your planning may require more prepping, which can push your date back some.

Eight to ten weeks out
You should now have a definitive date and location set for the party. At this time it is wise to pick a theme for the baby shower. Choose one that will suit both your budget and leave you enough time to execute it, while also giving a nod to the mother-to-be’s style. It is OK to surprise the guest of honor with the theme, but she may appreciate a little bonding and do-it-yourself time with you and any other co-host and help prepare for the party. Once you know the theme, pick out and order your baby shower invitations.

Six weeks until the shower
Check the spelling, map and details on the invitations and send them on their way. Be sure to include your phone number on the cards so the guests can conveniently call in their RSVP.

Get together with your party helpers and start to design your party decorations. If you are planning on purchasing most products, it is best to begin shopping now. If your party will feature DIY projects, start making them within the next week or so. At about this time, also think of menu ideas, and make a list of ingredients you will need to feed the guests.

In the last month
Just before party time you want to follow up on any unknown RSVPs, as well as finish all decor or food errands you still have to run. Set up the decorations around your event space if it is at home, and make any of your goodie bags to night before or the morning of the celebration.

Don’t forget to make sure the mom-to-be is included in any planning or decorating if she wants to be.

Welcome your new baby into the world with these clever sonogram photo ideas.

Great uses for your baby’s sonogram picture

When you and your partner conceive, there are multiple doctors you must visit. Getting a sonogram is one of the most important and meaningful appointments you will make. Without being able to see your child for nine months, the sonogram can offer you a new way to get close to your little one. The pictures you have when you leave the office are really the first image you’ll have of your child. Preserve that important first look so you can enjoy it for years to come. These inventive crafts and photo ideas will give you the opportunity to bask in the beauty of your unborn child:

Purchasing special frames is one clever way to display the sonogram in your household. For instance you can get a frame that features a pregnant woman with a clear space for the sonogram picture in her belly. This will not only be a great way to honor your child, but to remind yourself of how connected the two of you were for so long.

If you are hoping to integrate the picture into your baby’s room, choose a frame with multiple picture windows. Place alongside the sonogram photo a shot of you and your partner and a picture of the newborn. If you want to be a little more ingenious with your design, put a photograph of each parent from their childhood (just after birth is best) and place that on either side of the sonogram. You can change out these pictures as your child ages, so that your image ages alongside your baby’s.

For the dads who are away
If you or your spouse happen to be away serving in the military, have a special set of dog tags made that feature the sonogram. These will allow the service member to keep their child close at all times, even while they are away.

Birth announcements
Not all parents can keep their excitement in until the day their child is born. It is not uncommon that some of these parents want to send birth announcements, before the delivery. This is no issue and can be a great way to get the extended family ready for a new member. Choose announcements that have a space for you to put a picture of the sonogram. Avoid writing a name on the card if you and your partner have not made a final decision. The Pear Tree Greetings Lasting Introduction horizontal magnet is a great send off. The magnets will make it easy for family to display the image of your future child.

If you do happen to wait until your baby is born to send out birth announcements, be sure to choose stationery that offers the space for more than one photo. The Pear Tree Greetings Girl Snapshots Five Panel has enough photo space for you to put  a few pictures of your newborn and the sonogram. Including both of these photos will allow your card to not only be an announcement, but tell a story as well.

Host a fantastic animal-themed baby shower!

5 baby shower invites that bring out the child’s animal side

When your friends have a little one on the way, things are bound to change, but you can help them prepare. For the baby shower, celebrate this new vibrancy in their lives by taking a walk on the wild side. Decorate and design the baby shower to represent how cute and cuddly their baby will soon be with a fuzzy animal theme. These clever baby shower invitations are designed with the animal loving parents in mind. Choose an animal that you feel represents their baby to be, and make it king of the shower party.

Little duckling
For a baby due out in April showers, it is more than appropriate to decorate the party room with ducklings and umbrellas. You want the baby to enjoy those wet and blustery days of spring, and who better to set an example than a baby duckling? The Pear Tree Greetings’ Baby Duckling baby shower invitations are ideal. These invites come in the shape of a little duckling, and will introduce your party theme with a splash.

Night owl
All parents know that when their baby arrives there will be many nights without sleep. It takes time for children to acclimate to our sleep patterns, so celebrate the future little night owl with Pear Tree’s adorable Whimsical Hoot Owl baby shower invitations. These invites also say the parents have a future little Einstein on your hands. Let all the family and friends know of your excitement with a baby shower filled with little owls.

Monkey business
All kids enjoy the opportunity to act a little wild, and what better way to welcome a new family addition than with a monkey family embrace? Pear Tree’s Loving Family Embrace baby shower invites bring out the caring side of life. Proof that having a baby is more about the cuddles than the spilled milk.

Laughing giraffe
You don’t have to come from a tall family to love the giraffe. This tall and peaceful jungle creature can represent an adorable leaf-eating future that is in store. Pear Tree’s Spotted Giraffe baby shower invitations are a wonderfully cute mailing to send to the guests. Keep to this animal theme by sitting a stuffed giraffe at the party entrance with balloons tied around its neck.

Jurassic call
If the parents think their child is out of this world, why not celebrate his or her future birth with a dinosaur themed party? The parents may have a future paleontologist on the way, so surround him or her with signs of a past world. Pear Tree’s Dinosaur Dreams in Yellow invites are a great way to let the guests in on the party theme.