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Host a fantastic animal-themed baby shower!

5 baby shower invites that bring out the child’s animal side

When your friends have a little one on the way, things are bound to change, but you can help them prepare. For the baby shower, celebrate this new vibrancy in their lives by taking a walk on the wild side. Decorate and design the baby shower to represent how cute and cuddly their baby will soon be with a fuzzy animal theme. These clever baby shower invitations are designed with the animal loving parents in mind. Choose an animal that you feel represents their baby to be, and make it king of the shower party.

Little duckling
For a baby due out in April showers, it is more than appropriate to decorate the party room with ducklings and umbrellas. You want the baby to enjoy those wet and blustery days of spring, and who better to set an example than a baby duckling? The Pear Tree Greetings' Baby Duckling baby shower invitations are ideal. These invites come in the shape of a little duckling, and will introduce your party theme with a splash. 

Night owl
All parents know that when their baby arrives there will be many nights without sleep. It takes time for children to acclimate to our sleep patterns, so celebrate the future little night owl with Pear Tree's adorable Whimsical Hoot Owl baby shower invitations. These invites also say the parents have a future little Einstein on your hands. Let all the family and friends know of your excitement with a baby shower filled with little owls.

Monkey business
All kids enjoy the opportunity to act a little wild, and what better way to welcome a new family addition than with a monkey family embrace? Pear Tree's Loving Family Embrace baby shower invites bring out the caring side of life. Proof that having a baby is more about the cuddles than the spilled milk. 

Laughing giraffe
You don't have to come from a tall family to love the giraffe. This tall and peaceful jungle creature can represent an adorable leaf-eating future that is in store. Pear Tree's Spotted Giraffe baby shower invitations are a wonderfully cute mailing to send to the guests. Keep to this animal theme by sitting a stuffed giraffe at the party entrance with balloons tied around its neck. 

Jurassic call
If the parents think their child is out of this world, why not celebrate his or her future birth with a dinosaur themed party? The parents may have a future paleontologist on the way, so surround him or her with signs of a past world. Pear Tree's Dinosaur Dreams in Yellow invites are a great way to let the guests in on the party theme. 

Welcome your little one to the family with a global adoption shower.

Great ideas for hosting an adoption shower

Every set of parents deserves to have a baby shower for the new member of their family. When it comes to adoption, the child can be of any age, making the planning process slightly more difficult. The ideas assembled below are to guide whoever decides to host a party for this new family on the path to adoption shower success, regardless of whether you choose to host the event before the new child comes home, or after he or she has become part of the family. Remember, a shower is an important step in welcoming a new member to the extended family of relations and friends, so be sure to host one.

Adopted from afar
If your friends have decided to step outside of the United States to find that missing link to their family circle, incorporate their journey into the adoption shower theme. It is not necessary to host an event that reflects the child's home country, but to acknowledge that this family is a global family now. Decorate the party with globes of various sizes, with one at each table. Globes are printed in beautiful blue colors, so continue the color scheme with shades of aquamarine. Instead of napkin rings, cut strips of your child's home country's map and tape them around each napkin. Incorporate the globes into the party by hosting a travel game, quizzing the guests on global trivia. For another intimate touch, include pictures from the family's travels throughout the room.

Already part of the family
For a child who is older, it may be nice to host the adoption shower after he or she has moved in and become an integral part of the family. The important part of this party will be to show how much family love there is to offer this child. A beautifully symbolic gesture is to have the new family plant a small tree, giving their child the opportunity to leave a permanent mark on the home. So the child will always be reminded of the size of his or her loving family, have the guests apply green thumbprints to a printing of a bare tree. Each person should sign their name below their thumb print. Have this framed and then hung in the child's bedroom.

Soon to come home
If the child is not going to be home for the adoption shower, be sure to still include him or her in the party by sending out invitations with his or her face on them. This personal touch will make the adoption shower invitations a keepsake for every friend and family member. The Pear Tree Greetings' Treasured Timeline adoption notices are a great way to tell the family's adoption story to all. This is also a great way to give a preview to guests of the upcoming shower theme. 

A few key things to remember when planning the adoption shower is to first consider whether you should wait until their little one has arrived. This party can be a great way to introduce the family as its new whole. Second, make the party age appropriate. If the new child is slightly older, have games for him or her to play with the other children who come to the party. 

Sailor themed party

How to throw a little sailor baby shower

While eagerly awaiting the arrival of your newborn, throw a sailor-themed baby shower. This party theme can be a great way to prepare for a new member of the family. Whether you are hosting a party along the waterfront or a land-locked location, you can give everyone the feeling they are out at sea with these great sailor-themed party ideas. For those couples who don't know the gender of their child or want to keep it a secret, this nautical theme is a great option for a gender-neutral party:

Send out the call
The baby shower invitations should not only offer the details of where and when the event will occur, but they should also list your registry details. If boating is a common activity for the family already, why not include a few nautical-themed gifts, like sailboat bibs, on the registry? This way your guests can get into the sailing mood early. The small Nautical Newborn Baby Shower Favor Tags  feature a sailboat design that is the perfect addition to this party. You can also use a plain tag and add minor sailing embellishments.

Point of sail
Prepping properly for an ocean adventure is easy when you have chosen a color scheme. The water may be blue, but sailboats can be any various hues. Incorporate your tints into some nautical flags. When it comes to the art of nautical communication, each flag represents a different letter. Ergo, if you have already selected the name for your child, consider adding a bunting with the nautical flags along a wall. You can also quiz your guests and see who has the sailing skills to spell the name of your new family member. 

Get your guests involved at your shower by placing a small glass bottle with a cork top on each table. Give every guest a sheet of paper to write well-wishes for the little child, and have them place the letters into the bottle when they are finished. Either you and your spouse can open these special letters when the baby first arrives, or you can wait until he or she is old enough to read the letters him or herself. 

Sailor's grub
No sailor can survive a night at sea without a full belly, so make sure you have plenty of sea-faring goods to take and taste. Make your own cookies and cover them in a plain-color icing. After this first layer of icing has hardened, design sails, anchors or even life savers on top of each cookie. If you are going to have a cake at the baby shower instead of cupcakes and other mini goodies, try to give yours a few nautical touches. A buoy or an anchor is a great way to top the cake, but if you can find a batter mold in the shape of an anchor, use that.

Add personalized anchor stickers to lollipops or your bags of goodies. These small treats will make the party guests feel as if they spent a day on the high seas. After the little sailor is born, consider sending everyone a picture of the tot in a sailor's cap. If the birth date is soon after the baby shower, include these photos in your thank you notes.