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Make your child's party a hootin' and hollerin' success.

4 features to include in your child’s Wild West party

Cue the quintessential high-noon showdown song and don your 10-gallon hat – it's time to head west for a wild birthday party! If your child is a rodeo enthusiast with a passion for justice, then hosting a Wild West birthday party is the way to go. Of course, you want all the details to be in apple-pie order, which means coming up with a heap of ideas. Here's some inspiration sure to grease your carriage wheels:

1. Head down to the saloon
When a rough and tough sheriff needed a break from protecting his citizens, he'd stroll to the saloon for a drink. This kind of Wild West pub is where lawmen, outlaws and civilians alike gathered to take a load off. Of course, if you're going to have a saloon at your child's birthday party, it will be one that serves soda. Consider turning your kitchen into a soda saloon, complete with pints of root beer. You can make fake saloon doors into your kitchen using cardboard cutouts and even slide drinks down the bar.

2. Send creative birthday invitations
The invites you send for your child's birthday should speak to the theme of the party. Good birthday party invitations informs guests of what the event will be like even before they arrive! For this reason, seek out Wild West invites for your child's party. Here are a few of our favorites:

Sheriff Badge: These invites from Pear Tree Greetings come in the shape of a sheriff's badge. With a distressed wood background and old-timey script, these cards are sure to rustle up some excitement. 

Yee-Haw!: The Yee-Haw! invites are the perfect way to invite cowboys and cowgirls to your child's big day. You can select a photo of your child to feature on the front, along with Wild West lettering.

Round 'em Up: Displaying the torso of a sheriff, the Round 'em Up invites get the theme across faster than a jackrabbit running from a coyote.

3. Provide attire
Your child should be the star of his or her party, so dress him or her up in Old West clothing. However, the guests attending would probably like to fit into the theme as well. Consider giving all the kids straw cowboy hats and colored bandanas as a favor they can wear throughout the event. 

4. Take 'wanted' photos
Your little sheriff has to round up the bad guys, but first he or she has to know who they are. Craft a large frame that looks like a Western "wanted" poster and have the kids take pictures holding it in front of their faces.

Plan the perfect birthday pool party with these three tips

3 tips for the perfect birthday pool party

Between summer birthdays, the end of school for the year, new friends from camp and beautiful weather, the warmest season of the year inevitably means pool parties. While a great time, pool parties also present some of the greatest logistic difficulties in terms of party planning. There's a lot to account for, and an added dimension of safety precautions necessary considering the presence of children around water. All the same, pool parties are a wonderful opportunity to show off your abilities as a host while having a great time yourself. Try these three tips to make sure that your next poolside blowout is a great success:

1) Supervision
Before considering the invitations, food, entertainment or anything else, it's important to ensure that you've taken care of the supervision for the party. The single most important factor for a pool party is making sure that there are enough adults on staff to adequately look after children in and around the water. If you're comfortable with it, you can ask a few of your child's guests' parents to assist you. If you'd rather not bother anyone else, try to hire a lifeguard from the local pool, beach or country club. Many of them are high school or college students who would be thrilled to make a bit of extra cash on the side. Plus, the experience will feel much more authentic to the children with a lifeguard.

2) Invitations
Though many people only think of birthday invitations as a means to a very specific end, they can also serve as a method by which to build anticipation for your party or event. In the case of a pool party, try sending out our Water Color Invitations. Simple and customizable with the light blue hues of water, these invitations will have your guests circling the date on their calendar well in advance of the event.

3) The elements
A poolside party requires preparation that extends beyond the food, entertainment and invitations; you'll want to ensure that you're also ready to deal with the elements and with any emergency situations that may arise for you or your guests. Make sure that you have plenty of sunscreen, Chapstick and other essentials to provide to your guests as needed. The same goes for towels, and you may want to keep a few extra pairs of trunks around in case someone forgets theirs. Perhaps most importantly, keep a basic first aid kit near the pool. The lifeguard is likely to bring one, but it's best to have your own, as well.

Three perfect ideas for summer birthdays.

Three perfect summer birthday party ideas

Planning a summer birthday party for your child comes with its fair share of unique stresses. You have to account for the varying schedules of children on vacation, plan for the unpredictable summer weather, and ensure that the party itself is fun and accessible for your child's friend group. All in all, you aren't left with a ton of time to determine what the theme or central activity of your party should be. No worries, though - read on to check out three summer birthday party ideas that are sure to leave a smile on your guests' faces.

1) Photo scavenger hunt
A perfect party theme for either gender, a photo scavenger hunt provides the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone by combining a theme and an activity. Find and reserve a relatively open space, such as a park with some woods, and strategically place objects around the park to be discovered by your child's friends. Provide groups of three to four with a small camera (if you can find a disposable Polaroid, that would be perfect). Upon arriving at each item, the group finding it will take a photo of it, compiling a collection of images. The team at the end with the most items on the list photographed wins.

2) Pizza, pizza, pizza
Kids, adults, boys, girls…everyone loves pizza. In fact, one of the only ways to make pizza better is making it yourself. Throwing a homemade pizza party provides you with part of the entertainment for the day while also eliminating the need to consider other catering options. Purchase prepared dough, sauce and a variety of cheeses and toppings. Set them out in your kitchen and show the children how to knead the dough, put the sauce on and select their toppings. They'll have a ton of fun and leave full and happy after cake and presents. Try sending out our pizza party photo spinner birthday invitations to build anticipation.

3) Outdoor movie party
Take full advantage of the warm summer evenings by throwing an outdoor movie party for your child. Invite your son or daughter's friends over for dinner followed by a film. Many A/V stores rent out projection screens that you can set up in your backyard (in a pinch, you could also screen the film on any white wall or garage door). Put out chairs for the group and set the scene with a red carpet out front for when the guests arrive. Your child is sure to love this little piece of Hollywood.