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Send out these great safari birthday invitations!

Send the birthday boy on a party safari!

There is not much that kids love more than animals. If you have a little tyke who can't get enough of his lions, tigers and elephants, a safari-themed birthday party is right for him. Send the party bunch on a wild ride through your do-it-yourself jungle adventure. The kids are sure to have the time of their lives. One of the greatest parts of this party theme is that it can be educational too! Not only will your child and his friends have some fun, but they can learn a lot about the animal kingdom as well.

Gather the trekkers
Invite your child's friends to the party with some perfectly safari inspired birthday invitations. The Pear Tree Greetings' Safari Friends Photo party invitation is just the thing. It features a collection of fun and colorful animals that seem to dance on the bottom of the card. Another great feature on this card is the space for a photo of the birthday boy. Take a picture of your tot in his safari costume, or perhaps even have him dress up as his favorite animal. This photo will not only be great for the invitation, but a great moment to savor for a long time. 

You can even keep your envelopes on theme by attaching the Pear Tree's Safari Friends address label to the envelopes. This unique design features the lion, from the invitation, smiling beneath your RSVP address. 

Games for the wild
To host a safari-themed party, you need to include a couple of animal filled fun games for the kids to play. These should tire them out a bit, and also work up their appetite for a slice of zebra cake. One game that is easy to create and also fun to play is animal charades. Plan this with your son before the big day. Ask him to name all of his favorite animals, have him help write each down on a piece of paper, and place these in a safari cap. All of the kids will get the chance to practice what it is like to be an animal, while also learning to recognize animal traits – great for a group who is planning to head out into the wild.

If the kids are really young, send them on an imitation safari. This DIY project takes a little time and money, but it can be reused for many later party events throughout your child's life. Make large cutouts of various animals that your child might see on a real safari like lions, hyenas, gazelle, elephants, flamingoes and even a hippo. You can either make these out of plywood or cardboard, depending on your wood skills. Paint them appropriately, so the animals are easy to recognize. If animals are still new to the little party goers, have them try to call out the name for each animal they see.

Send each of your party goers home with their own safari hat, so they can continue to search for animals all year-long. 

How to set a party timeline and stick to it

Planning a child's birthday party can feel daunting, but for parents who have the wherewithal to set out a party and planning timeline, much of this stress will go away. Keep to the tentative timeline below and you will have as much fun as the birthday boy or girl. Remember, though planning takes patience, it can also be fun, so enjoy your projects.

Six weeks out
At six weeks out, begin making decisions for the party's framework. You should be focusing on choosing who will attend the party, noting who your child's best friends are and picking out a party theme. Call the friends ahead of time to be sure they all can make it to your chosen date, if not, choose a date that works better for everyone. If your party will be held outside of home, reserve the space at this time.

Four weeks away
Ask the teacher for a current class list, use this as a reference when ordering your invitations. Have a few pow-wows with the birthday boy or girl to plan out the games and food that will be served. 

Three weeks before
Check your birthday invitation envelopes one more time before sending them in the mail. If you have any do-it-yourself projects, it is best to get a start on those now. Purchase any other decorations you need, and give a call to any other parents who you would like to assist in party management.

Two weeks out
Now is time to plan your actual party schedule. This detailed time sheet will help you manage the children's fun and games and ensure you save plenty of time for cake and ice cream. 

A couple days before
Now is the time to focus on the food, make sure to make of buy any snacks you plan to have as well as the cake. 

Also, at this time, call any parents who have not responded to your invitation. Keep your hands busy with a few practice games or crafts. This practice is also a good way to find out if the activities you have planned will be easy enough for all the kids.

Day-of timeline
Children's parties have to be planned and timed with age in mind. Sleep and hunger should be on your mind when deciding when to host the event. If the children are over the age of 5, consider hosting the event in the mid-afternoon. For these kids' birthdays a party of 1.5 hours is ideal, adding a 30 minutes or so for each year older. If your child is just 3 or 4 years old, lunchtime is ideal. Focus the party on the food, with one or two simple activities, so that tantrums are kept to a minimum. If the kids are just 1 or 2 years old, the party should ideally occur after nap time. Because not all children will nap at the same time, this can be difficult to manage. But keep the party short and it should work out. Remember to consider each age as a gage for attention span. As the kids get older, they can party a little longer, because they can entertain themselves for longer.

The location is important when deciding where to host your child's birthday party.

How to choose the right birthday party location

Just as important as a theme, the location weighs heavily on party planning decisions. Not only will it limit the amount of friends you can host, but it can also impact decorating, food and activity choices. Be sure you take this into account before you plan out the day with your birthday boy or girl.

Deciding to host the event at your house is not only great because it is free, but it is also familiar. This means that your child will feel comfortable in his or her surroundings, making it all the more likely he or she will feel like king for a day. Remember, when hosting at home, your cleaning supplies and cutlery are all near by. If you are hesitant about hosting the party in rooms with delicate objects, consider limiting the party to a specific area, and keep other doors closed. 

The park
Kids, especially while in school, will love the extra opportunity to spend time outside with their buds. Summer or fall are ideal for this party location, but rain can come at any time, so be sure to have a backup location. Decorating at a park can also be great fun. Hang things from trees or fences, and set up an impromptu picnic area with party-theme blankets. 

Martial-arts studio
For those looking to train under sensei, book a martial-arts studio. The number of kids that can be invited will be limited, but that will also keep the price tag affordable. After the karate session, if the birthday party happens to be a sleepover, have them watch "The Karate Kid" and feel inspired by their new skills. 

Potting studio
To ease the question of what activities to plan for a birthday party, host your event at a location with activities built in. A ceramic studio is a great place for kids to get dirty and express their artistic side all at once. These event spaces are typically large enough to host a number of kids. Just be sure you have enough parents on hand and you reserve ahead of time. 

The local YMCA or community center usually has special party rooms set aside for birthdays and other events. These locations often let you use the facilities outside of the party room, like the pool or basketball courts for one price. Decorate this space with just a few balloons and birthday table cloths. You will want it to be easy to take down after the event. 

Pool party
Most kids love to soak and sun, and at a pool, plenty of lifeguards are always on hand. Lifeguards usually host kids swimming classes as well, so ask them for party activity ideas if you want to schedule specific events. While the kids are playing, set up the party room where you will serve the cake and other goodies. Another great part of this location is that you can send out pool-themed invitation like the Pear Tree Greeting's Wet 'N Wild party invites.

Bowling alley
A bowling party requires that you reserve lanes well in advance, at least six weeks. If you can, try and reserve the lanes during cosmic bowl, so the kids can enjoy the flashing lights and glow in the dark bowling balls. This location can be fun for any age above kindergarten.