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If you are welcoming a little one during the holiday season, celebrate with the whole family.

Picture ideas for holiday birth announcements

The holiday season is a time when families spread all across the nation come together to celebrate. If you are planning on welcoming a new one to the family at this time, you are especially lucky. Your child will get the chance to meet the whole family and be showered with love soon after birth. In preparations for your infant’s arrival, you will want to plan on sending birth announcements to all your family members and friends. Start your planning early by picking out holiday themed birth announcements. You will want to include a seasonal picture of your new family member in these cards, so get a jump on the season by planning a holiday photo shoot. Here are some ideas for making the photo shoot, and subsequent announcements, a huge success:

Santa hat
Chances are your newborn will be sleeping during the photo shoot, so the picture will no doubt be cute. Add an additional bit of fun with a Santa hat. For those looking forward to celebrating Christmas, consider your infant as an early gift. Any Santa hat will do, but it may be even better to have your child’s name sewn into the hem for a keepsake. If possible, seat your baby in a miniature sleigh, or have him or her hold onto a large bag of presents.

Cozy knits
Regardless of what holiday you plan to celebrate, you can seasonally coordinate your photos with some warm knit hats and jackets. Use an outfit you have knit yourself, or select an outfit that was sent from a relative. Continue the wintry theme with a little bit of fake snow falling in the background. If you don’t want your little one too close to fake snow, an alternative could be to situate your child on a soft, white, wool blanket.

Little ornament
If you have the opportunity, do the photo shoot while you are setting up your family Christmas tree or Menorah. Display your infant as either a cute ornament, or as the littlest helper. This photo idea is a wonderful way to involve the whole family in the shoot.

You will want to choose cards that will complement your photo themes. For the pictures of your newborn in a Santa hat, Pear Tree Greetings’ Precious Holiday Ornament birth announcement is ideal. This card is also a great keepsake, and can be hung on the tree each year. Or, keep to the Santa theme by choosing Pear Tree’s Candy Cane Stripes Ribbon Booklet. This card allows you to include multiple photos and features the clever phrase, “Santa came early this year.”

Couples looking to avoid any holiday affiliation can send a winter-themed announcement, such as Pear Tree’s Round the Evergreen birth announcements. These cards feature pine trees and pine cones. For your pictures, have your child wear a cozy knit outfit, or consider taking a picture that will have your child surrounded by stuffed versions of some winter animals.

If your family celebrates Hanukkah, choose Pear Tree’s Snowflake Kaleidoscope card. This note is in blue and features a few symbols of winter.

3 fantastic family holiday card ideas.

3 fantastic family holiday card ideas

With the warm weather, the barbecues and the birthday parties, it’s hard to believe that autumn will soon return, bringing with it the harbingers of winter and the holiday season. Don’t be caught scrambling this year to create a quality family holiday card late in the game. Instead, let us help you plan well in advance of the holiday season to ensure that your family’s card is personal, memorable and fun. Check out these three ideas for fantastic family holiday cards that are sure to set you apart from the pack this holiday season:

Why settle?
Even once you’ve found the time to take a photo for your holiday card, decided what everyone in the family will be wearing and worked around everyone’s schedules to make it happen, the hardest part still remains: selecting a photo. You’re bound to have taken at least a dozen to ensure that one would come out well and, inevitably, more than one did. Or, perhaps you couldn’t decide on a single theme and took multiple renditions, telling yourself you’d decide on one photo closer to mailing the invitations. With the Colorful Kaleidoscope Photo Book, you don’t have to limit yourself. This 10-page booklet contains space for 15 photos and photo collages as well as room for a well-thought-out holiday greeting from your family. Take a variety of photos of the whole family this year and give your friends a holiday keepsake they’re sure to love.

Beauty and brevity
Let’s say you aren’t crazy about the idea of sending a lengthy written description of your year, but are still enticed by the idea of multiple photographs. If that’s the case, you’ll want to try our Happiest Holidays Photo Christmas Cards. With your choice of either “Happiest Holidays,” “Married and Merry,” “Peace on Earth,” or “Sweet Tidings” as a greeting and space for one large photo on the front, you’ll be able to offer your friends a beautiful scene this holiday season. The rear of the card features room for a slightly longer greeting and nine small photos of you and yours. This way, you still don’t have to agonize over choosing which photo the family looks best in.

Opening a gift
One of the simplest pleasures of the holiday season is the sensation of actually opening a gift from a loved one. Give your friends, family and coworkers that feeling with our Christmas Package Tied With Twine Christmas Cards this year. The cards are constructed out of three separate pieces and tied with festive red and white baker’s twine. The entire thing is constructed to appear as a package, the stamps being filled with images of your family and a warm greeting on the front and back with room for family news and photos in the middle. The rear of the card is covered in a faux-foil sheen to give the whole invitation a glowing look reminiscent of the warmth of the holiday season. With room for multiple greetings on the card, as well,  you’ll be sure to have space to get your message of holiday cheer across.

You can use vacation time to take your Christmas card photos.

Taking your holiday card photos while on vacation

While Christmas cards are meant to be sent around, well, Christmas, you don’t have to take your family’s photo during the winter. In fact, any time of year is fair game for posing in your favorite red-and-green attire (or any outfit at all, really). You can even take a moment out of your family vacation this summer to snap a few shots. Of course, if you want to get your Christmas card pics out of the way while lounging on the beach, you should use a few of these tips:

Pick a spot
Once you’ve been on your vacation for a day or so, scope out a good backdrop for your family photo. It could be the beach, under that old tree or in front of your hotel, it’s up to you! Ideally, the location of your photo shoot will be lovely to look at and free of passersby – you don’t want a random pedestrian photobombing your Christmas card!

Set a time
Avoid adding stress to your hiatus by planning when you’ll take your picture. You don’t want to be lounging at the hotel bar and suddenly be flung into a photo! Decide which day during your trip is best for the picture and what time of day it should be taken. Avoid midafternoon, as the sun could be too overpowering for your photo. In fact, overcast days are the best for pictures. Consider planning your shoot for morning. That way, you’ll have just showered and be looking your best. Let the whole family know precisely when you expect them to be on location for your shoot.

Bring a tripod
You can hire a photographer from the area in which you’re vacationing to take your picture, or you can do it yourself. If you plan on setting a timer on your camera and jumping into the shot, then bring a tripod. These devices allow you to pick a height for your camera and ensure that the shot is steady.

Make adjustments first
If you’re taking the photo, arrive to the location before everyone else does. This will give you time to set up your tripod and correct the settings on your camera. Your family will appreciate a smooth and quick photo shoot because they’ll likely want to get back to relaxing. Test your camera’s lighting and other settings by taking a few test shots and seeing how they look.

Talk about the trip
When you do finally send your Christmas card, be sure to mention your wonderful vacation in your note. That way, friends and family who receive the card will get both a visual and textual look at your time away.