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5 first-communion gift ideas to match the special occasion

First communion is a huge milestone for many Christian children, and the occasion calls for a special gift. If you’ve been invited to a first communion but aren’t sure of what to get the honoree, consider these five favorites:

  • Jewelry: It is very common to give a girl a nice piece of jewelry, such as a necklace or bracelet for her first communion. Boys often receive cross necklaces or medals.
  • Bible: You can’t go wrong with a Bible. To add a personal touch, write a message to the child in the front cover.
  • Rosary: If the child is Catholic, a rosary would make a great first-communion gift. Rosaries can be given to both girls and boys.
  • Photo album: The child’s parents are going to be taking a lot of photos during the church service and later at the party. Give them a place to hold all of the pictures with a first-communion-themed photo album.
  • Crosses: A wall cross that can be displayed in the honoree’s room is a gift that he or she can appreciate for years.

Don’t show up to the first-communion party empty-handed. These five ideas make great gifts that can be cherished for years to come.

One-of-a-kind gift ideas

Finding the perfect gift is an art. You need to find something that’s personal and meaningful, yet exciting and useful. Strolling through the mall may result in finding something to wrap up and deliver along with a card, but if you’re looking for a gift that is more than just a place holder you will need a little bit more creativity. A truly special gift isn’t left behind or given away after years of use; it is stored away in a memory box or kept in a safe spot because it has meaning and sentiment with which the recipient just can’t part.

If you want your gift to hold a special place in that special little one’s heart, then consider some of these one-of-a-kind gift ideas that light up the face of the birthday girl or boy.

  • Customized books – Tell a tale of just how special that little girl or boy in your life is. Make them the star of the story with a customized book that features them as the central character. Whether you want to show them all the potential they have, send them on their very own magical adventure or just tell a very special birthday story, these customized books will delight the little ones as they see their name throughout the story and featured in many of the illustrations.
  • Customized coloring books – If your kids prefer to be a little more hands-on instead of reading a bedtime story, a customized coloring book is another great option. Whether they like to color inside the lines or think outside the box, this is one coloring book that is already all their own before they even break open the box of crayons.
  • Customized placemats – With a customized placemat, every meal will be a fun experience. With playful styles like dancing ballerinas, dynamite dinosaurs and special holiday designs, you will be able to find the perfect placemat for your little one. Every time they look down they will giggle with delight – and mom and dad will appreciate a little help with clean up.

No matter what gift style you choose, make sure it holds special meaning. Gift giving may be an art, but with the right tools you will soon be a master.

Make a child feel like a star with a custom story book

Personalize the perfect gift

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Stellar siblings
Are you and your child making room for a new bundle of joy? Show the older sibling how special they are with a customized story book that features them as the main character! Pear Tree Greetings offers beautiful books made just for big brothers and big sisters. Simply send in your child’s name and the designers at Pear Tree Greetings will do the rest! The Super Incredible Big Sister and The Super Incredible Big Brother books are filled with bright colors and fun rhymes that are sure to make your child feel extraordinary.

My very own…
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Special surprise
Pear Tree Greetings offers the perfect gift set for any little boy or girl. My Snuggle Bunny gift set arrives with a soft plush bunny your little one can play with as you read about all the ways Snuggle Bunny loves them. This is a great option for a newborn coming home. Pear Tree Greetings also offers charming holiday gift sets that can take the place of Christmas cards, like A Christmas Bear For Me or A Hanukkah Bear for Me, which come with an adorable bear.