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When getting ready to take your teen's senior pictures, be sure to follow these tips.

5 tips for taking senior pictures

It’s the summer before your teen’s senior year of high school, which means it’s time to start thinking about senior pictures. This time-honored tradition is a right of passage, and you’ll cherish the photos for years to come. Many people choose to use these portraits on graduation party invitations or high school graduation announcements, so it’s important that they are a true reflection of your teen and are something they can be proud of. Keep these tips in mind as your soon-to-be high school grad gets ready to take their​ senior pictures:

1. Search for inspiration
After you schedule a session with a photographer, have your teen compile some inspiration for their portraits. They can make a Pinterest board to share with the photographer, or page through magazines and cut out poses and photo shoot locations that they find interesting. Coming to the photo session prepared will help your son or daughter get the pictures they envisioned.

2. Don’t go overboard
While your teen may want to wear the latest fashion trends or have their makeup professionally done, it’s important that they don’t go overboard. Seniors pictures should be a true representation of who they are in that moment, so encourage them to keep their makeup looking natural and wear clothing that makes them most comfortable. Keep it classic!

3. Choose multiple locations
To add some interest to your son or daughter’s senior pictures, make sure you take photos at multiple locations. They can be places that have been important during your teen’s high school years, such as the soccer field, or beautiful settings like the park. Some of the most unlikely places produce the most beautiful backdrops – try snapping some pictures at an old barn to give the photos a rustic feel.

4. Use various props
Props play an important role in senior pictures, so you should bring a few items that represent your teen’s time in high school. Did your son or daughter play saxophone in jazz band? Be sure you get a few photos with the instrument. Was your teen a star tennis player? Don’t forget to bring their racquet and a few balls!

5. Get a variety of shots
It’s important that you have plenty of photos to choose from when designing graduation announcements and invitations, so make sure you get a variety of shots. It’s a good idea to take photos of your teen wearing several different outfits at various locations. Encourage them to access their inner model and try out numerous poses as well! That way, when it comes time to choose the perfect photo to share with family and friends, you’ll have no shortage of options.

All Star Graduation Party Ideas

Graduation is an important celebration not only for your grad, but for you as a parent. It’s been a journey for both of you, and that’s absolutely worth celebrating! However, throwing a party can be daunting, especially one that will make both kids and adults happy. The best place to start is with your grad. What are his interests? How can you use her personality to come up with a party theme? Here are a few easy ways to incorporate your grad’s story into your graduation party ideas. We’ve chosen a sports theme, but the same design elements can work for any theme.

For many graduates, sports are a very important part of their journey through high school, which makes the theme a natural idea for a graduation party. The All Star Graduation Invitation is the perfect invite to honor the athletes in your life. The announcement even allow for a few stats highlighting your graduates athletic achievements.
Graduation Invitations -- All Star
Every graduation party revolves around the food—what great party doesn’t? Considering there might be a lot of hungry athletes in attendance, you’ll want something that is easy to prepare and serve. Walking tacos are both easy and a favorite with teens. A kitchen or bar area in a basement works well for your serving area, because the sink can double as a beverage center and sets a little more casual tone for the party.
Food ideas

For extra little touches, you can make a football shaped tissue pom, football garland created from our party gift tags, and personalized graduation napkins. Everyone will love the attention to details.
One of the most unique things about every graduation party is the special way each family finds to honor their grad with photos and memories of their journey. We have some great ideas on graduation photo displays, and for this party we used a combination of childhood photos and our new personalized graduation party decorations. These new party decoration pieces are SO versatile and easy to create! For our party, we personalized them with photos, the grad’s name, jersey number and college plans. We then strung them, along with the childhood photos, onto a barnwood wall using mini clothespins. They can also be displayed on the table (which you’ll see down below), poked into centerpieces, cupcake toppers, and so many other ways. We love this product!
Photo display ideas
What’s for dessert? We all agree, desserts should be pretty non-stress. A good cookie, brownie, cupcake or cake, and you really can’t go wrong. We cut out football shaped brownies and drew on some football laces with frosting. We also made some delicious little cupcakes that featured the graduate’s number from high school as a topper along with stars…because they’re the star of the party!
Graduation Dessert Ideas
Having some sort of guestbook isn’t a must-have at a graduation party, but it’s fun to have friends sign something as a memento that the grad can keep. We wanted to do something creative, so we chose a t-shirt from his future college and had everyone sign it.
Guest book idea
Lastly, the table centerpieces. You want to give guests something to chat about while sitting and eating and what better to do that than photos and mementos from the graduate’s past. We used the new graduation party decorations not only as table décor but also incorporated them into one of the centerpieces. We found the green turf online—a perfect fit to this graduate’s high school passions and future plans!
Graduation Party Decoration Ideas

Look for more graduation party ideas here, or browse through our graduation invitations and party decoration to spark ideas. We’d love to see any great ideas for graduation party ideas that you have!

Graduation comment cards are the perfect addition to your party

Moving on to a new stage in life can be exciting, but it can also be scary. With this in mind, your graduate could benefit from some encouragement. When setting up your student’s graduation party, be sure to add decorative comment cards that allow guests to write personal and heartfelt messages to the honoree. Graduation comment cards come in a variety of different styles and colors, which will allow you to find the perfect match for your existing décor.

You might already have a guest book that you plan to use at the party, but guest books only tell the graduate who showed up to the party. Comment cards give family and friends a chance to do more than merely write down their name; they allow them to share memories, provide encouragement and even offer advice to the graduate, too. After the graduation party and for years into the future, your student can read these messages either to relive memories or reconsider helpful advice when needed.

A piece of paper might look simple, but you’d be surprised at how much meaning it can hold. Your graduate will receive towels, dishware, dorm décor and other presents during the graduation party, but none of those gifts will be as special as the messages guests share in the comment cards.