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Give the grandparents something to cherish.

Great ways to celebrate your grandparents on National Grandparents Day

National Grandparents Day is just around the corner. Before you know it, Sept. 7 will be here and grandparents will be lining up at school doors everywhere to spend quality time with their little relatives. Help make this National Grandparents Day one to remember with a few clever and thoughtful presents. Below are some gift ideas; A couple require a bit of crafting skills, but all are easy to manage. For those of you who are teachers, you can use these as class projects for the kids to make ahead of National Grandparents Day, or on the holiday with the grandparents' help.  

Thumbprint painting 
What can grandparents cherish more than a little sign of love from their grandkids? Parents, help your children show how much they care with this cute heart-painting craft idea. The only necessary materials you will need are construction paper, kid-friendly paint, scissors and glue. Have each child take a white piece of paper and cover the sheet in multi-colored finger prints. Once he or she has finished and washed his or her hands, help your child cut out a heart shape. Take this new finger-designed heart and glue it to a colored piece of paper. You can give the work of art as is, or frame it. 

Brag book
No grandparent can help but brag about their grandkids, so why not make the job all the easier with a little homemade brag book? There are many ways to craft this project, but the simplest is to collect a few favorite pictures of each grandchild and attach them to a paper booklet that has been folded accordion style. Other mediums for this project can include an album made of duct-tape or an online version with digital photos.

Custom notepads
Your child's grandparents are sure to love a custom notepad. The Pear Tree Greetings' Pictures of Me custom notepads add a personalized touch to something every grandparent uses. When writing their shopping list, grandparents can be reminded of their little loved ones. If your boy or girl wants the chance to add more personality to the notepads, choose Pear Tree's Searching for Superheroes notepads

Hand print bird bath
This little project takes a couple pairs of steady hands and an artist's eye, but it is great fun to create. The birdbath can be made out of terra-cotta or any other clay pots and saucers. The height or number of pots you intend to purchase is totally up to you, just make sure that the bath will be high enough to enjoy but not too high that the grandkids won't be able to see inside. Start this project by gluing your terra cotta pots together end to end and mouth to mouth. Use a heavy duty glue for this project such as construction adhesive. On top of this stack you will glue a large terra cotta saucer. Once the glue has dried, take a paint brush and get creative. Finish off the project by having each grandchild place their hand print at the base of the saucer. 

Host a delightfully artsy party!

DIY artist party

Get your painter's palettes and easels out for display; it's time to get ready to host a do-it-yourself artist party for adults! Your children get all the opportunity to express their creativity, so why not give you and your girlfriends a chance to find that inner Picasso? This party theme can be adapted for birthdays, bridal showers or even just a fun ladies' night. 

Party essentials
To start the party planning, let's assemble all of the necessary project materials. Take into account the amount of money you are expecting to spend on this event. If you are willing to shell out a few extra dollars, consider getting proper canvas boards for each of your guests. Sometimes craft stores sell small canvases for a good price. If spending that much money on amateur art is not in your budget, go ahead a pick up a packet of large construction paper at the local craft store – it should do the trick.

Now you will need to assemble the painting implements. Paint brushes are easy to find, but if you think your friends are more likely to be interested in oils or colored pencils, consider offering an assortment. When it comes time to choose paint colors, go ahead and purchase the watercolor kits if your guests will be using construction paper, but look for more heavy-duty paints for canvas. Be sure to provide enough of each color, keeping extra paint tubes stashed to the side in case all your friends decide to create blue skies.

Calling all artists!
Next on the schedule is to send out your invites. If it is a birthday party you are hosting, consider sending Pear Tree Greetings Imaginative Art birthday invitations. These cards feature a section where you can insert your very own artwork to impress your guests. 

Artistic expression
Once you have received everyone's RSVP, get your home ready by decorating the designated party room like a landscape. Take a look at some of your favorite artists' work and try to recreate a physical version of a painting on one side of your living room. This could be a simple still-life, like Cézanne's "Still Life With Apples," or even a clever reproduction of Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night."

To recreate the Van Gogh, clear all furniture that stands in front of one wall, and tack up a large blue sheet or blue paper. Add to the blue sheet other elements from the painting by either drawing stars and moons, or taping up large yellow circles and images you have cut from construction paper. 

Creative thanks
Not only will your guests be completely amazed by your decorating, but they will be pleasantly surprised with your party favors. In a small goodie bag, assemble a colorful assortment of trinkets. Be creative and include some art-themed gifts like mini painter's palettes you know your friends will just adore. To top it all off, attach the Pear Tree Greetings Colorful Artwork favor gift tags to each bag. 

If the DIY bug has got you wanting to craft some more, consider making personalized wine glasses for each of your friends. Purchase a set of plastic wine glasses and paint designs and the recipient's name on each. 

Host a recycling party!

Save the Earth with these great recycling party craft ideas

Be it Earth Day or a birthday, making crafts out of recycled goods is a great way to save money and let your children be creative. You can host an environmentalist party for any occasion, just emphasize to those attending that this day is about having fun above all else. 

Let your young guests and their parents in on the theme by asking them to bring used goods, which you can do in the party invitations. These items will be used for the day's crafting sessions. Depending on which activity you choose to include, make sure you ask parents to bring the proper items for the project. Remember, the kids will want to make more than one craft each, so keep plenty of supplies on hand. 

A wreath is a great project for parties taking place in late fall. With winter holidays just around the corner, a colorful, recycled wreath is a seasonably appropriate craft. To make these wreaths you will need a large amount of colorful goods. Wreaths can be made out of any various recycled items like crayons, old paint brushes and wooden spools. If you only happen to have a substantial quantity of plain items like popsicle sticks, have the kids color them with markers. Otherwise, set out your recycled goods on the table, organized by color. 

To make the wreaths, have your kids glue their craft items to a large sewing loom. You can find these at any local craft store. Encourage the kids to create colorful patterns around their circles.

Painting with bubble-wrap
If your child is a modern expressionist painter, this bubble-wrap painting craft is for you. Take a large amount of bubble wrap and cut it into small sections. Roll each section so that it makes a firm cylindrical shape, then tape it closed. On the painting table, provide trays that hold the different colors. You will want to have a shallow layer of paint in your trays. Have each child take a bubble wrap cylinder and roll it in the paint. This application should get only the tops of each individual bubble protrusion covered in paint. Next, take the bubble-wrap roll and press it on top of a piece of paper for a neat polka-dot design. Encourage your guests to try using multiple colors for a unique work of art.

Help the kids craft a few take-home pets out of toilet paper rolls. Owls are an easy option. Have the kids press down the tops of one side of the toilet paper roll so that it forms a sort of U shape. The points of the U will represent the ears. Next, give your kids some pencils and pens to draw on their owls' features.

Other animals that you can make include dinosaurs and elephants. Some of these designs require that you cut the cardboard instead of draw on it, so make sure you have plenty of parents handy to help. Look online for some great animal craft designs. 

Supply organization
Keep the recycled theme going, and organize your colorful crafts in old milk cartons. Wash the cartons and cut out a large portion of the bottom half in order to slide in your crayon collection. The hole should be large enough to fit a hand inside, but not so large that your items will fall out.