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Make an invitation memorable with personalized address labels

As they say, it is the details that really separate the good from the great. When you put extra effort into every little detail, your event will certainly be outstanding. Small things, such as the address labels on your invitations or thank you note, can make all the difference when it comes to tying the whole event together.

Small pieces like the address labels offer an opportunity to polish your event and add a personal touch. Before the recipients even open the envelope, you will be able to bring a smile to their faces with a personalized label. Personalized address labels are a fun, inexpensive way to go the extra mile.

Play with these tips to make your mail a little bit more memorable:

  • Design labels to match the card inside – Use the same font, pattern or color as the card inside the envelope for a cohesive look.
  • Personalize the name to reflect the event – If you are ordering your address labels for a specific event, use the labels to hint at the invitation inside. Instead of printing the full name on the return address use “Bride to be,” “Birthday Boy” or “The Happy Couple.”
  • Use a picture – Showcase your favorite family photo, senior picture or Instagram shot on the labels.
  • Print a message on the labels and use them as a sticker closure for the envelope – You don’t have to limit your labels to the upper-left corner of the envelope. Get creative and print short sayings and use the labels as closure stickers.
  • Use stylish labels all year long – If you have a few extra labels that you didn’t use for your event, you can use the labels year round if they aren’t specific to the party. Fun designs and even personalized photos are great for adding a little color to your mail year round.


Tips when ordering your bar or bat mitzvah invitations

A bar/bat mitzvah is an important milestone for a young Jewish man or woman, and the invitations you choose should match the special occasion. Keep these tips in mind when selecting and ordering your bar and bat mitzvah invitations:

Choose a style that reflects the tone of your event: Is the bar/bat mitzvah going to be casual or will it be a more formal affair? Let guests know through your invitation’s style and wording.

Let the honoree help to choose invitations: It’s your child’s big day! Let the star of the party choose a style that reflects his or her personality.

Don’t forget to include important information: Before you order any invitations, make sure to check the wording to ensure that all of the necessary information is included. Information such as the name of your child, the event that your guests are being invited to (if you’re hosting more than one event), date, time and location should all be included.

Order early: You’ll want to send the invitations four to six weeks before the party, so be sure to order well in advance so you don’t feel rushed.

Always order extra invitations: It’s never a bad idea to be prepared. Order at least 10-20 extra invitations in case you forgot to include someone on the guest list, or in case any invitations are lost.

A memorable party starts with the invitation. Keep these tips in mind when ordering bar/bat mitzvah invitations, and throw a party your child will never forget.

Search the skies for superheroes for your kid's birthday party!

Save the day with a superhero birthday party

Give your child superpowers for the day with a fantastically themed birthday party! You can let their imagination soar with bright, bold decorations, colorful treats and games that kids will love. Here are just a few ways Pear Tree Greetings can help you plan your child’s superhero-themed birthday bash:

Send out the signal!
Get your child’s friends excited with a creative invite from Pear Tree Greetings. Our colorful collection of kids birthday invitations -like the Searching for Superheroes invite, which features a city skyline in need of protection – will send just the right signal! Pick your kid’s favorite color for the background and the text, and you’ll create an invitation no hero can resist.

Superhero snacks
Fuel the heroes with fun-filled snacks at your child’s party. Create cones to hold treats like Cheetos, pretzels or popcorn out of comic book pages. Serve rock candy as “kryptonite” that will either save or sap their powers! You can even have cupcakes made with hero logos emblazoned in frosting on the top. Or, for a healthy treat, fill bowls with “super foods” and label them with what they can do. For example, “Broccoli builds muscles!” and “Blueberries give you an energy blast!”

Zap! those decorations
Get inspired by Pear Tree Greetings’ Calling All Superheroes invites, which burst out of the envelope with a bright POW! in vivid red and yellow. You can pick the colors of the font and background on the back and you even have the option to include a photo of your crime fighter. These invitations are sure to encourage everyone to join the party and save the day! Decorate your event space to be just as exciting as the invites with bright balloons, comic page banners or bunting. You can even paste KAPOW! BLAMMO! and ZAP! on condiments to make them even more fun.

Masked crusaders
Superheroes need a disguise, and what better way to remind your child’s friends to bring their costume than with a Ninja Mask invitation from Pear Tree Greetings? All the guests will get the message with these ninja invites that let you choose the color of the mask to match your party theme. For a party favor, create cuffs out of glue, construction paper and old toilet paper rolls. You can even have felt capes ready for guests when they arrive to help them fight crime.