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Baby’s first birthday: How to throw a successful first birthday party

Turning one might not mean that much to a baby, but it’s a huge milestone for you as a parent and it’s definitely worth celebrating. Planning a first-birthday party, however, can be tricky because you want to keep both your baby and guests happy. Here are some tips that will help to make your party a success and fun for everybody.

1. Keep the party short and simple

Planning a birthday party is hard work, and there’s no reason to make it even more difficult by throwing an elaborate, over-the-top party for a baby who can’t recognize the difference. Plus, you don’t want your baby to feel overwhelmed, so it’s best to keep the party short and simple. Consider just sending birthday party invitations to close friends and family – especially if your baby doesn’t handle large crowds well.

2. Plan the party around your baby’s nap schedule

A tired baby is usually a grumpy baby, and a party will quickly turn from fun to stressful if your one-year-old is in a bad mood. Try to prevent a melt down by planning your party around your baby’s nap schedule. Hosting the party after your child’s had a good nap will ensure a happier baby and a more enjoyable time for your guests.

3. Buy or bake a smash cake

Babies are naturally messy eaters, so use that to your advantage and allow your one-year-old to enjoy a smash cake. A smash cake is simply a little cake made for a baby’s first birthday, and it allows your baby to be messy while your guests enjoy their own dessert.

4. Consider your audience

Although you’re throwing the birthday party for your child, most of the guests will probably be adults. Keep this in mind when planning the party so that everyone can have a good time. For example, if you’re creating a music playlist, it’s okay to have a few songs that your baby really likes. Too many, however, will drive your guests nuts.

5. Take a lot of pictures

Babies grow up fast and you’ll want to document every stage so you can look back and remember those moments later in life. Make sure someone has the camera at all times during party so you don’t accidentally miss a picture-perfect moment.

Search the skies for superheroes for your kid's birthday party!

Save the day with a superhero birthday party

Give your child superpowers for the day with a fantastically themed birthday party! You can let their imagination soar with bright, bold decorations, colorful treats and games that kids will love. Here are just a few ways Pear Tree Greetings can help you plan your child’s superhero-themed birthday bash:

Send out the signal!
Get your child’s friends excited with a creative invite from Pear Tree Greetings. Our colorful collection of kids birthday invitations -like the Searching for Superheroes invite, which features a city skyline in need of protection – will send just the right signal! Pick your kid’s favorite color for the background and the text, and you’ll create an invitation no hero can resist.

Superhero snacks
Fuel the heroes with fun-filled snacks at your child’s party. Create cones to hold treats like Cheetos, pretzels or popcorn out of comic book pages. Serve rock candy as “kryptonite” that will either save or sap their powers! You can even have cupcakes made with hero logos emblazoned in frosting on the top. Or, for a healthy treat, fill bowls with “super foods” and label them with what they can do. For example, “Broccoli builds muscles!” and “Blueberries give you an energy blast!”

Zap! those decorations
Get inspired by Pear Tree Greetings’ Calling All Superheroes invites, which burst out of the envelope with a bright POW! in vivid red and yellow. You can pick the colors of the font and background on the back and you even have the option to include a photo of your crime fighter. These invitations are sure to encourage everyone to join the party and save the day! Decorate your event space to be just as exciting as the invites with bright balloons, comic page banners or bunting. You can even paste KAPOW! BLAMMO! and ZAP! on condiments to make them even more fun.

Masked crusaders
Superheroes need a disguise, and what better way to remind your child’s friends to bring their costume than with a Ninja Mask invitation from Pear Tree Greetings? All the guests will get the message with these ninja invites that let you choose the color of the mask to match your party theme. For a party favor, create cuffs out of glue, construction paper and old toilet paper rolls. You can even have felt capes ready for guests when they arrive to help them fight crime.

Throw a successful kids’ birthday party with these 5 tips

A birthday is generally a happy occasion for adults, but for a child they’re one of the best days of the year. Throw your child a birthday party that will always be remembered with these five tips.

1. Set a theme for the party

Creating a theme for your child’s birthday party will make the event feel even more special. Plus, it will make the rest of the planning process much easier. Everything from the cake to the activities and games you choose for the party can revolve around a theme. If your child loves superheroes, for example, then throw a superhero party and incorporate the idea into all of the décor, food and activities.

2. Let your kid be involved in the planning process

The themes and games you might have liked as a child might not be what your kid likes. To throw a successful party, give your child options and ask for preferences, likes, dislikes and other ideas he or she might have. The more involved kids are in the planning process, the more likely they are to enjoy the party.

3. Send out the kids’ birthday invitations early

If you wait until the last minute to send the invitations, your kid’s friends may not be able to attend. Send them two to four weeks in advance so parents don’t schedule other conflicting obligations for their children.

4. Enlist help for the day of the party

To ensure your child’s birthday party runs smoothly, it’s beneficial to ask friends and family for help. Having more than one pair of eyes on the kids will keep everyone safe, and having extra hands for setup and tear-down will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed or stressed.

5. Keep calm and enjoy yourself

Planning and throwing a kids’ birthday party can be stressful at times, but it can also be an enjoyable experience. By starting early and asking others for help, you can keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed and actually enjoy throwing a successful birthday party. On the day of the party, don’t forget to take pictures to capture all of the fun!