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Moving must-do checklist

Moving to a new city or a new home is exciting. There are many new people to meet, sites to see and places to explore. With a fresh start, you can get off on the right foot, but that means staying organized from the start.

The pandemonium surrounding moving day can be a lot to deal with, but this essential check list will help to keep you on track.

  • Get rid of what you don’t need – Donating unnecessary or frivolous items will help make the packing and unpacking process smoother. Rather than wasting space and time, just get rid of the things you don’t need.
  • Send out moving announcements – You don’t want your friends and family to be left in the dark. Let them know that you are relocating and where they will be able to find you with moving announcements. Include your new address so all those holiday and birthday cards make it to the right house.
  • Forward medical records – Contact important parties, like doctors’ offices, directly to let them know they will need to forward your records to a new location.
  • Adjust your grocery shopping habits – You don’t want to waste all of the perishables you have in your fridge, so start to incorporate all the frozen and perishable items you have in the house and bring the grocery shopping down to a bare minimum.
  • Clearly label boxes – When you are unpacking you will want to know what is in each box. Label the room where the box will go and a few items that are in the box to freshen your memory. Adding a note to indicate which boxes you will need to unpack first will also be helpful.
  • Separate valuables – Carry all of your valuables and important documents with you in your personal vehicle to the new home.
  • Take inventory – When you arrive at your new home and start unpacking, take an inventory of all of your belongings to ensure that nothing was lost in the move.

Be sure you are working with a moving company you can trust. The extra money you invest is worth the peace of mind and confidence that your belongings will safely get to the destination.

Share the big news with a creative moving announcement

Whether you’re moving for a new job, finding a new place to be closer to family or just trying out a new city, the process of moving is an exciting experience and one that should be shared with family and friends. After the big move, many people often just send out a quick email to let others know their new address. You can, however, share the news in style by letting loved ones feel like they’re part of the big moment by sending creative moving announcements instead.

Moving announcements are available in a variety of designs and layouts. Depending on your preference, you can choose a stylish card that simply states your new address or you can choose more complex options that allow you to be more informative. Some people like to include the story behind why they’re moving as well as some tidbits about the new home and city. Along with your moving story, you can also choose to include photos of the new place to give family and friends a glimpse of your new home. Before you look at your different moving announcement options, consider how much information or photos you want to share. That way you can choose a layout that has right amount of space to meet your needs.