Find the perfect birth announcement for your child.

Finding the perfect birth announcement

A new child being born into your family is one of the greatest things that can happen. The amount of joy to be taken from the experience is simply incomparable. Of course, you’re going to want to try and convey some of that feeling to your friends, family and loved ones with your birth announcements. Whether you’ve just had your first child or are already a veteran parent, whether you have one new arrival or have been blessed with twins or triplets, we can help you pick the perfect birth announcement. Take a look at these three ideas to get brainstorming:

1) Include the family
Of course, your new child is going to be the star of the announcement, but you want to make sure to include the rest of the family in it as well. If you already have children, try to feature them in the card. For example, our Sweet Photo Paper Collage allows you to select five different photos for your announcement; use some of these to showcase the new child by himself or herself and the rest to display him or her in the arms of older siblings. If this is your first child, consider using several photos of your newborn with you, your spouse and the child’s grandparents.

2) Make it a keepsake
A birth announcement doesn’t have to be just another piece of mail. Using any of our birth announcement magnets offers a nice contrast to the traditional mailing in that they automatically become a keepsake for your friends and family. Instead of filing it away in a box somewhere for scrapbooking purposes, your loved ones will now be able to proudly display the announcement for as long as they please on their fridge or any other magnetic surface. The magnets also make great celebratory gifts for colleagues at the office, friends at the gym or parents at the PTA meeting.

3) Double (or triple) your fun
Having multiple children arrive at once can be overwhelming, but also one of the most joyous occurrences in your life. Pick a birth announcement that matches the level of love and excitement you feel for the new additions to your family. These twin baby announcements allow you to capture the individuality of each child while maintaining their image as twins. Similarly, these triplet announcements come with your choice of over 70 colors, frames and texts so you can do something a little different for each child if you so desire.

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