How to choose a graduation invitation that stands out among the others

Graduation is an important moment in your student’s life, and friends and family should be there to help celebrate. With so many graduation invitations being sent out each year, however, it’s easy for them to get lost in a pile of junk or accidently thrown away. Make sure your student’s invitations are refrigerator-worthy and stand out among all of the others with these three ideas.

1. Don’t be afraid to be different

Why send out graduation invitations that look like everybody else’s when you can be different? Stray away from the typical graduation invitation and look for options more memorable. From photo booklet options to vintage style-invitations, there are now plenty of unique layouts and designs for your student to choose from.

2. Make it personal

Most graduation invitations just provide the date and location of a graduation ceremony, but there are invitations that can do more. Choose an invitation that allows your student to share memories and future plans. Personalized invitations will seem more special to friends and family and they will be interested in hearing more about the graduate’s plans at the party!

3. Use unique or bold colors

There’s no rule that says invitations have to show school colors. Send out invitations that are more visually exciting instead. Graduates can pick out their favorite colors to make invitations unique to them or bold colors to make their invitations stand out.

With so many diverse styles and designs out there, it is now easier than ever to send out graduation invitations that are as special as your graduate.

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