How to create a theme that stretches to every corner of the celebration

After you have settled on the perfect theme for your kid’s birthday, the creative wheels have to start spinning in order to get everything done. You need to find the perfect decorations to transform the venue, invitations that prepare guests for the festivities, games that will keep all of the kids entertained for hours and a delicious cake with a fitting design to gather around the birthday boy or girl with. But it’s not always easy to get each one of the necessary elements to fit in to one theme.

When creating a birthday party theme, think about the versatility. Is the theme broad enough that you can work with a cast of characters rather than just one? It will be much easier to work with the entire crew of Marvel superheroes rather than just Batman. If the birthday boy or girl has a favorite, you can make that the focal point of the theme, but don’t leave everyone else out and make it harder for yourself. Having the flexibility to mix and match characters or elements of a broader theme will make the celebration seem more authentic and less like it came out of a one-stop-shop. Getting sucked in by the overly matched birthday theme will be too predictable and lack excitement.

If you want the birthday celebration to look polished, opt for using the same style of cards for the invitations and thank you cards. If you are able to add an element that matches both of these for the party decorations, your celebration will look like it was done by a professional. If you are opting for a superhero theme, consider the Calling all Superheroes invitations, decorations and thank you cards. These can even be customized with a photo of your little superhero dressed in a cap, ready to take on the evils of the world.

Throw in other elements like a cityscape background or superhero masks and capes for guests. It will be much easier to stretch the theme into every corner of the celebration with a versatile theme that won’t feel repetitive. So when you start the planning process opt for a theme that isn’t only reflective of what the birthday boy or girl wants, be sure that you can play with the fine tuning of the theme to make it fun for everyone.

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