Make both of your twins feel special at their joint birthday party!

How to make your twins feel special on their birthday

Having twins is a blessing, but when their birthday rolls around, you have to put forth a little extra effort to make sure they both feel special. After all, birthdays are normally something that don’t have to be shared! One of the key things to remember is that although your twins may share a birth date, they don’t have to share everything at the party. To host a joint birthday party that leaves both of your children feeling celebrated and loved, keep these tips in mind:

Feature their photos on the invitations
Both of your kids should be featured on the birthday invitations to their joint party. To make them feel extra special, consider featuring a head shot of each one rather than a photo of the two of them together. This Shared Birthday invitation from Pear Tree Greetings has plenty of customizable options, so you can change the design depending on whether you have two boys, two girls, or a boy and a girl. Your twins will love feeling like the stars of their party!

Consider having two themes
You can easily turn the joint event into two distinct birthday parties by allowing each of your children to choose their own theme. Maybe your son is obsessed with superheroes, while your daughter just can’t get enough of “Frozen.” The themes don’t have to complement each other – after all, this is about making each of your children feel uniquely special on their birthday. Place decorations matching each theme throughout your home.

Plan two activities
Having two activities – one chosen by each of your children – will double the fun at the party! That way you can ensure both of your twins get to do what they want on their special day. However, another option is to choose an activity that allows both of the twins to stand out. Consider buying two pinatas and letting each twin have their own, or planning a kickball game and allowing each twin to be the captain of a team. (Just don’t keep score – you don’t want the heat of competition to ruin the fun!)

Double the desserts
You’re having two themes and two activities, so you might as well have two desserts! Having a cake for each of the twins makes them feel extra special. Allow each of your children to pick the type of cake they want. Then, when it’s time to sing “Happy Birthday” and blow out the candles, do it twice! This gives both of your children a moment to be the center of attention.

Save the presents for later
When you’re hosting a shared birthday party, that also means you can expect double the presents. Opening each gift during the party can take up a lot of time, so it’s best to save that ritual until after the guests leave. Plus, this will eliminate any awkwardness if a guest who is only friends with one of your children brings a gift for one twin but not the other.

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