Pow! Thud! Whoosh! Your child's superhero party will be a hit!

How to plan a kapow-worthy superhero birthday party

Does your little one like to fight crime, wear a cape and hide his or her secret identity? If so, you might have a superhero on your hands! So when your masked vigilante has a birthday, you may want to consider throwing a party fit for his or her occupation. Check out these tips in order to make your child’s superhero bash a comic book-worthy success:

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no, it’s an invitation!
Whether you want to cast your child as the superhero of his or her party, or you wish to evoke the feel of classic hero comics, there are birthday invitations for you. For example, the Calling All Superheroes Invitation from Pear Tree Greetings features a giant “Pow!” message that harkens to classic crime-fighting tropes. Plus, action words are totally awesome! If you want to go a different route, take a look at the Caped Crusader Invitations, which are available for boys or girls.

Holy craft time, Batman!
Get all the kids active the moment they arrive by starting the party with some craft making. Gather all the supplies the sidekicks need to design and build their very own masks. You can buy crafting foam (it’s available in tons of colors), glue, scissors, glitter, elastic strings (to keep the masks secure) and markers. Consider making a mask template or stencil beforehand. That way, the kids only have to trace the image to get the right mask proportions. You can even cut out the mask forms ahead of time – the craft will be to decorate them!

Up, up and away to costumes!
Make your child the star of the party by dressing him or her up as a superhero. Ask you child who his or her favorite masked crusader is and put together a costume that matches. You can even make up a superhero just for your child! Putting the birthday boy or girl in a costume will help him or her stand out.

In brightest day, set up a photo booth
You can create plenty of photo opportunities at your child’s birthday party by creating picture-taking backdrops. For example, build a city out of cardboard boxes and hang a black sheet behind it (to be the night sky). You can even place a Batman symbol on the sheet to act as the light Commissioner Gordon uses to signal the Dark Knight. Set up similar areas using different superheroes and comics as inspiration.

Something’s afoot
Add some thrill to the birthday bash by constructing a fake crisis. You or your spouse can play the villain and all the kids will have to catch you. Consider devising some kind of mystery for them to solve. Leave clues around the house that carry the bad guy’s signature or symbol.

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