How to throw the perfect baby shower

Throwing a shower may fill you with warm anticipation for the arrival of a precious baby boy or girl, but the anticipation for the shower itself may not be as sweet. Planning a baby shower can be stressful and very time-consuming. But the arrival of a child is one of life’s most monumental events, so throwing a party that reflects that excitement is important to many people. The secret to having a baby shower go off without a hitch is in the planning. If you plan well, you will be able to enjoy the festivities without a worry in the world.

Start by creating a theme that fits the mother-to-be and her baby-to-be. With a theme set, you will be able to narrow your field of vision and focus on the details. From there you will be able to better choose other elements, such as:

  • Cute invitations – The baby shower invitations set the tone for the event before guests ever step foot through the door. The perfect invitation reflects the theme and tells guests what to expect from the day. To make it easy on the mom-to-be, you may want to order matching thank you cards for the gifts.
  • Simple decorations – Don’t go too over the top for a baby shower. Decorations are typically clean and simple. Remember the theme when choosing elements so that they will work together, and then integrate them into party like with the cake or flowers.
  • Alternative seating – If you will be hosting the party at your home, be sure that you have extra room for guests. Chances are you won’t have 12 extra chairs just sitting around your home, so make do with cushions, ottomans and stools for guests to sit on if need be.
  • Tasty food – Take note of any dietary restrictions that guests may have, such as food allergies or other preferences. Be sure to offer a wide selection of dishes and drinks along with something that the mom-to-be has been craving throughout her pregnancy (for a more personal touch). Showers typically feature light appetizers and finger foods.
  • Activities and games – Showers should be light-hearted and fun. Choose games that are simple and good for a laugh. Have each guest bring in one of their own baby photos for display, and then invite the guests to try to match the photo with the person.

If you plan ahead in regards to the major parts of the shower, the day of will go smoothly and the mother-to-be will be grateful that you were the one to organize her special celebration.

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