Important considerations for wedding rehearsal dinner invitations

Planning a rehearsal dinner for the happy, soon-to-be-married couple is a great opportunity to bring close family and friends together for a more personal celebration. After details like the date, time, venue and menu for the dinner are all determined, you will want to begin thinking about the rehearsal dinner invitations. Here are some general considerations to keep in mind when selecting and sending invitations.

Guest list

While you’re in charge of putting together the rehearsal dinner, it’s generally a good idea to ask the couple who they would like at the event. Most rehearsal dinners include:

  • The wedding party and their spouses or partners
  • The officiant and his or her spouse or partner
  • Immediate family members, step-parents and grandparents

This list is not exclusive, however, and the couple may wish to include a few additional close friends or family members who weren’t included in the wedding party. Before sending invitations, go over the guest list with the bride and groom to ensure everyone they want is included.

Essential information and wording

It’s important to let guests know what to expect at the rehearsal dinner, as well as when and where the event will take place. Essential information includes:

  • Couple’s first and last names
  • Dinner theme (if any)
  • Menu, restaurant or catering company
  • Venue
  • Date and time
  • Address (you can also include directions)
  • Dress code (optional)
  • RSVP information

Information like the dress code isn’t necessary, but guests may find the information helpful – especially if you’re throwing a fancier dinner party. Also, consider how the wording of the invitation will set the tone for your event. If you’re planning a formal dinner, you don’t want to send out casual-style invitations.

Proper time to send

Rehearsal dinner invitations should always be sent after the wedding invitations have been mailed. That being said, make sure to send out the dinner invitations early enough to allow guests to plan and RSVP. Order your invitations early so you can address envelopes and send invitations 3-6 weeks before the wedding.

Most of the planning will have been taken care of by the time you send out the rehearsal dinner invitations. Now you can relax and eagerly anticipate the wedding celebrations with family and friends!

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