Happy birthday to your little bunny!

Little rabbit’s first birthday party

Your child is turning 1 year old! This is a joyous occasion – not only is it the first birthday party you will get to throw for your child, but it is also a celebration of your first year as a parent. Throwing a birthday party is one of the last big projects you will have as a parent this year, so celebrate your girl or boy by hosting a bunny-themed birthday party.

Bunny mail
Start the party off right by sending out invitations. Choose an invitation that celebrates you and your child’s first year together with Pear Tree Greetings’ Framed Moments in Pink Collage birthday invitations. This tri-fold card allows you to insert multiple photos of your 1 year old, and if you have one, a picture of your child in rabbit ears. Personalize the card to suit your party theme all the more by announcing at the top of the card “Some bunny is 1!”

Hoppy decor and dining
Bring the bunny theme into your party decorations by getting out any Easter decorations that will fit the theme of the party and placing any rabbits you have around the party space. For instance, you can decorate the dessert table with adorable bunnies and simple white confections. If you don’t happen to have any bunny decor on hand, bake a number of rabbit-shaped and decorated cookies to display at various places in the room.

Keep to the theme with the rest of the food by serving rabbit meals. This means focusing on vegetables with dishes like carrots and dip, or even cream cheese with herbs and crackers.

Another bunny decoration might include a rabbit garland that features the name of your child. This is very simple to make – using a stencil, cut out an assortment of paper bunnies and the letters of your child’s name. Make sure you have two more paper bunnies than letters. Glue the letters onto the bunnies’ bellies and tape your garland string to the back of each bunny’s ear with one plain rabbit on either end.

Rabbit play
As a party activity, host a bunny book-reading session. Bring out the classics like “Pat the Bunny” and “Happy Birthday Bunny.” These will entertain children of any age that attend your child’s birthday party. As a special addition to reading time, get your very own Pear Tree My Snuggle Bunny Personalized Book. This book features a bunny counting 10 intimate ways it loves your little boy or girl. This publication is personalized with the birthday boy’s or girl’s name, making it a true keepsake.

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