Plan the perfect summer birthday party for your child this year.

Planning a summer birthday party

Planning a party for your child’s summer birthday comes with a unique set of challenges and opportunities. On one hand, the warmer weather and the kids being out of school expands the potential range of celebratory activities. On the other, navigating other people’s summer calendars can be difficult, and with all the vacations, summer camps and other activities, it can be hard to lock down a guest list. There’s certainly a lot to consider, but don’t let it stress you out. Check out these tips to ensure that you’ve got the jump on planning a great summer birthday party.

Plan early, plan often
Summer means different things to different people. While everyone’s children will, more likely than not, be off of school, many families will have at least one parent working through the summer. It’s not just the adults whose schedules are complicated, either. Between summer camps, athletics, family travel plans and basic social lives, kids’ summers are often booked up before they begin. Make sure you plan your child’s birthday a good while in advance (at least 4-6 weeks). Have a set activity and try to send the birthday invitations out early enough that they’ll give your guests at least a month to prepare for the festivities. This will allow adequate time for your guests families to plan, upping your chances for a great turnout.

Inviting Invitations
You want your child’s birthday party to be remembered, and that begins with the invitations. The invite sets the tone for the party long before it occurs, and you want to ensure that people are looking forward to the event. Try picking out a card that reflects the nature of the party. Given that it’s summer, perhaps you could try setting a nautical theme with these Pirate’s Playful Mask invitations. The pirate motif is perfect for a young boy’s party, and the invitations feature a cut-out pirate mask that your guests could even wear for a game at the party itself. Inversely, if you’re planning for a girl, you’d do better to try our Makeover Invitations, perfect for a salon themed party or a trip out to get manicures.

A lasting impression
Like all good things, your child’s summer birthday party will have to end. This doesn’t mean, however, that it’s memory can’t live on with your guests. Make the event stay with them by sending them each off with a modest but well-constructed goodie bag. For example, if you were throwing a pirate party for your son, possible items to fill the bags might include eye patches, chocolate coins and Swedish fish. The makeover party might be better accompanied by a bag containing nail polish, photos taken at the event and candy (always appreciated). This will leave your guests satisfied, entertained and looking forward to the next birthday party you throw.

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