Dress your infant up for your birth announcement photos.

Popular accessories to use in your infant’s photos

When your son or daughter is born, you want to tell all of your friends and family – you are a proud parent, after all! That’s where birth announcements come in. These handy stationery items let everyone on your mailing list know when your child was born, details of his or her birth, and the gender. Many parents even opt to use birth announcements that feature a photo of their newborn. If you go this route, schedule a photo session for your child. You can dress him or her up in a cute outfit that will have all your loved ones sighing in awe. Here are a few accessory ideas sure to add some adorable points to your baby’s photos:

Many parents dress their little girls up in a headband of some kind. These accessories feature a soft band with some kind of adornment, such as a flower or pom pom. You can find low-key headbands that feature a small flower, or a fashion-forward type that goes all out with feathers. No matter which you choose, your baby’s attire is sure to turn heads.

Hair bows are similar to headbands. These come in clip or band form and add a little pizzazz to your newborn’s look. If you want to use your photo as a gender announcement, consider picking colors that hint at a certain sex. Pink and blue are typical choices. Of course, you can forgo the classic gender variation and settle on something neutral – green, yellow, red and white are all great options.

Knit caps
Imagine your son or daughter lounging in a handmade beanie. The image is cute, right? Pick a fun knit pattern, such as caps that have little ears or bows attached. You may also consider using super soft yarn to make the hat. Your baby will likely feel more comfortable wearing a velvety cap than a wooly one.

Wedding bands
You can emphasize how little your child is at this stage of his or her life by making your wedding band an accessory. Place your ring around a tiny finger or thread it through a necklace. You can even use both your and your spouse’s rings together. Doing so emphasizes that the two of you together created this wonderful miracle.

Neck ties and bows
Your little mister can look all dapper in his birth announcement photos by putting on the ritz. Consider dressing your son in a baby tie or bow tie. You can even find these accessories in infant size! Make sure either piece (depending on which you use) is loosely fitted.

If you want a more gender-neutral neck adornment, consider dressing your baby in a soft scarf. The cozy knit is sure to feel soft on your baby’s skin, and the tousled-over-the-shoulder look is totally chic.

Sometimes the best accessory is a nice comfortable blanket. Swaddle your newborn in a baby blanket that has his or her name embroidered on it. This is a creative and sneaky way to display your child’s name in the birth announcement!

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