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Important information to include in your graduation announcements and invitations

Graduating high school or college is a huge achievement and it’s important to share your student’s accomplishment with eye-catching graduation announcements and invitations. While browsing the wide selection of fun and attractive styles, be sure to consider what information your graduate will want to include so you can choose the right layout.


Unlike invitations, graduation announcements are designed simply to let friends and family know that your student is graduating. This gives students more flexibility and allows them to be more creative with the information they include. Graduates can send out announcements that share their favorite quote or future plans. Some students even choose a favorite memory from their time in school. Talk with your graduate and look together for graduation announcements that provide room for any information you wish to include. Keep in mind that designs for graduation invitations can also be used as announcements, which means you can delete any unnecessary information like party details.


Graduation invitations can share fun information like future plans or memories, but they also need to provide essential information regarding the party, such as:

  • Graduate’s first and last name
  • School the student is graduation from
  • Date, time and location of ceremony and/or party
  • RSVP
  • Dress code (optional)

Look for an invitation design that has room for both necessary and optional information. When your student’s invitation has all of the essential information, you can then start getting more creative by personalizing the invitation to match your student’s personality.

The right graduation announcements and invitations should be both stylish and informative. When browsing through the various options, keep these considerations in mind so you can find the perfect design for your graduate.

Here are some tips for wording graduation announcement cards.

3 tips for writing high school graduation announcement cards

High school graduation invitations and announcement cards are the perfect way to let your friends and family members know about your teen’s important milestone. This is a once in a lifetime event so be sure to convey the right sentiment on the announcement cards. Here are a few wording tips for high school graduation invitations:

Class year – For traditional graduation party invitations you can write “Class of” and then the year in bold block letters. High schoolers tend to have lots of school spirit, so they are often proud of the year they graduated from the learning institution.

Parental theme – If you want to present your graduate to your friends and family members, you can word the invitation like, “Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith request the pleasure of your company for Johnny Smith’s graduation.”

Chances are you and some of your family members will keep the announcement card or invitation for years as a cherished memento. An inspirational quote will help motivate your family and serve as a great memory as to how you were feeling at the time. For example, a quote that reads, “Graduation is not the end of your professional development, but the beginning of your educational journey,” conveys the right sentiment.

If your graduate excelled in school you can feature a quote that will serve as motivation while he or she pursues higher education. The late South African President Nelson Mandela once said, “There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

Some people may want a funny message to write on the graduation card. You can include a inside joke that is shared with the graduate and other members of the family.