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3 ideas for displaying photos at a graduation party

Besides eating the delicious food, the thing guests generally enjoy most about attending graduation parties is looking at the photo displays of the honoree. As graduation season approaches, consider the different ways you could set up pictures in your space and get inspired with these three ideas.

Scrapbooks: Scrapbooks are great if you need to display a lot of pictures and want a more creative option than just a typical photo album. Some people choose to be very crafty and decorate each page with cutouts, while others simply choose a colorful background and add a short description with each photo.

Digital presentation: If scrapbooking isn’t your thing, show a digital presentation instead. Digital presentations allow people to see photos without having to wait in line, and they’ll keep guests entertained throughout the party. Projector screens are often larger and work best, but you can also use TVs, computers or digital photo frames as well.

Collage posters: Use your wall space by hanging up customized collage posters. You can choose to make your own posters or have them printed for you. There are various ways you can create your collage posters. For example, you can choose to feature all of your student’s senior photos or, instead, select photos that capture the graduate at different stages in life.

There’s no rule that says you can have only one graduation photo display method. You can use one idea or choose to incorporate all three into your party. Overall, it’s best to choose what makes sense for your space and time.

Graduation food ideas that are easy and delicious

Graduation season will be here soon! If you haven’t already started planning your student’s gradutation party menu, now is the time. You’ll have a lot of guests on the big day, so it’s best to decide on a menu that is easy to make and serve. These five graduation food classics are delicious and simple, so you’ll be able to enjoy your student’s graduation and still throw a great party.

Pulled Pork

If you’re throwing a casual graduation party, consider serving pulled pork sandwiches. Pulled pork is a great option because you can make it the day before instead of the day of or during the party. Cole slaw is delicious served on the side, or right on the sandwich!

Sandwich buffet

Cold-cut sandwiches never get old and they require no cooking! Simply buy sandwich platters that contain various meats and cheeses for guests to choose from and offer either buns or croissants. If you’re not sure what to serve with your sandwiches, cold pasta dishes make excellent sides.

Appetizers and desserts

Many of your guests will be attending more than one graduation party and may be full by the time they attend yours. Instead of serving a main dish with sides, simply serve various appetizers and desserts that guests can sample. Dips, cheese and crackers and mini pizzas make great appetizers for graduations. For desserts, try smaller portion options like cupcakes or cream puffs.

Burgers and brats

Take advantage of the spring season and do some grilling! Burgers and brats are simple and can be served with various sides like potato salad, baked beans and veggies. Be sure to ask for help beforehand so you don’t have to spend the whole party grilling. Remember, this is your big day, too!

Taco bar

If sandwiches sound boring to you, mix it up and create a taco bar instead. All you have to do is cook the meat before the party and then set out whatever ingredients you think are best. Guests can then make their tacos exactly as they like, and you can mingle and enjoy the party.

You don’t have to hire a caterer to serve delicious food at graduation. These ideas are simple to make and will be a huge hit at your graduate’s party.

How to stay on budget for your graduation party

The best way to stay on budget is to first make a budget. It may seem obvious, but many party planners have just a vague idea of how much they should spend, and then they only keep track of what they are purchasing very loosely. Keep a close record of what you purchase and how your spending compares to the budgeted amount for each aspect of the party.

Follow these five tips to help you stay on budget for your graduation party:

  • Order invitations and thank-you cards together – Save yourself time and money by ordering all of your graduation cards at once. You may be able to strike a deal when you purchase a certain number, and you will definitely save yourself from excess shipping charges for multiple orders.
  • Make some of the food yourself – While you may not want to make everything on your own, taking a few dishes away from a caterer will save you a lot of cash. Bake cookies for dessert, throw some salad into a large serving bowl, or serve fruit, cheese and crackers for a light appetizer.
  • Go back to the good old days of the punch bowl – Cans and bottles of soda and water can hike up the cost of the party. Set out a punch bowl or just a few two-liter bottles so guests can pour their own drinks.
  • Be frugal with decorations – It can be tempting to go over the top with graduation party decorations, but keep yourself in check. Find decorations that can perform double-duty or use memorabilia from school.

Once you start to get creative with your budget-friendly ideas, you will see that your party can be just as fabulous even with less cash.