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Etiquette for graduation thank you cards

Graduation season is getting closer, which means soon it will be time to look for graduation invitations, party decorations and, yes, even thank you cards. Many students don’t have a lot of experience writing graduation thank you cards and will probably need a little guidance throughout the process. Help your graduate show their appreciation the right way with these proper etiquette tips:

1. Make it personalized

With a long list of thank you cards to send out, it can be very tempting to write the same generic message in each card. Short, generic thank you cards, however, are easy to spot and usually are not as appreciated by recipients. By spending just a little extra time personalizing each card, graduates can express their thanks to friends and family in a more meaningful, heartfelt way.

2. Thank guests for coming to your party

Some students might thank recipients for their gift and leave it at that, but it’s important to also thank them for attending the graduation party – especially if those guests had to drive a long way. If you had a guest book at the graduation party, use that to identify guests who attended the party and those who didn’t attend but sent a gift.

3. Be specific when mentioning the gift

Instead of just saying, “Thank you for the gift,” graduates can make the message more personal by stating what the gift was and how it will benefit them. If the gift was money, graduates can mention how they will use that money, when appropriate. For example, if students are using graduation money for college books, they can let recipients know in the thank you card. Friends and family will appreciate knowing they could help the graduate move on to the next stage in life.

4. Send notes at the appropriate times

Tackling all of those thank you cards isn’t easy, but it simply has to be done. Keep your graduate focused and try to have all of the thank you cards written and ready to send by the following week. The less time it takes for the cards to be written, the more time your graduate has to enjoy summer!