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The 3 must-haves for a fabulous graduation party

Celebrating the transition from high school to college or from college into the real world is a big deal. You want to throw the perfect party for your graduate while also making sure that the decorations and theme are trendy enough. With fads always coming and going, it is hard to stay up to date with the latest trends, but planning the perfect party doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow these foolproof tips for throwing a fabulous graduation party.

These three elements will help you stay trendy and avoid being tacky:

  1. Table decorations – Don’t leave the table bland. Use tasteful table decorations to spice up the eating area. Personalized photos on confetti shapes are a great way to add some flavor to the tabletop without having to hunt down large centerpieces you may never use again. You can add multiple photos or phrases to these playful decorations and scatter them about for a no-fuss décor that isn’t too flashy. Monogrammed or personalized napkins also give a sophisticated touch without being too over the top.
  2. Yard signs – These decorations perform double-duty as a direction marker for guests. If guests are unfamiliar with the location, displaying a yard sign with the graduate’s name and photo will both direct them to the right place and help get the party started sooner. Pick a design that reflects the mood of the party or even one that matches the theme used on your party’s invitations.
  3. A buffet spread – The food is always a highlight of the party. Make sure that guests have plenty to eat and drink as they celebrate the graduate’s accomplishments. Use table cards to mark each dish so there is no guessing about what each item contains and to help guests avoid issues with food allergies or preferences.

Let your grad help you with planning their perfect party. After all, they are now qualified to take on such tasks.