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End the school year by saying thank you

Teachers work hard to challenge and improve the minds of their students, and it’s important they feel appreciated. With the school year coming to a close, make sure your kids’ favorite teachers know they’ve made a difference by thanking them with a personalized teacher gift. Sometimes a simple, heartfelt thank you is the best gift a person can receive.

Every student gives their teachers apples, but you can have your students give their teachers a gift that holds more meaning and can be cherished forever: a set of personalized note cards. A stylish card is the perfect way for your kids to express their gratitude at the end of the year. Plus, they’re affordable, which means your students can hand out cards to as many teachers as they’d like without costing you an arm and a leg.

If the thought of writing a long message to every teacher in their school is daunting to your students, let them know that a simple thank you will do just fine. For their favorite teachers, students can also include a short line expressing how that teacher has impacted their life or why they liked that teacher the best. Your kids’ teachers will be moved by the card and gesture of appreciation.

The importance of a handwritten thank you card

Gratitude is an emotion that is just not expressed frequently enough. After you receive a gift or a kind gesture, it is common practice to give thanks, but the thanks we offer reflexively are not always genuine or heartfelt. Saying “thank you” in passing is polite, but it is not the most thoughtful way to show your gratitude.

Taking the time to write a thank you card by hand is a very important practice to maintain. In an age of technology, it is very tempting to turn to email or text messages to send a quick, informal thank you to someone, but these methods lack the intimacy and significance inherent to a handwritten note. Writing thank you cards is slowly becoming less common – except for formal events like weddings or birthdays – and it is important to make sure this practice is not lost. Taking the time out of your fast-paced day to hand write a thank you shows that you are consciously choosing to invest the time in the relationship and show your gratitude.

Just because handwritten thank you cards are more personal doesn’t mean they have to be sappy or reflective. Let your personality shine through. The type of thank you card you send to a family member will differ from those you would send to a coworker. You can choose from any number of styles and designs or even create your own cards with DIY cards for an extra personal touch. Have fun with your thank you cards and use the opportunity to show your gratitude.

Send a personalized thank you card to all your party guests

Let your kids do the thanking

The best way to show your appreciation for a gift is with a handwritten card. Get your little one involved with writing thank you cards for birthday presents, Easter gifts or end-of-the-school​-year surprises. Let your children write their thanks and you will be helping them develop a habit that will last a lifetime. For some fun and funky thank you cards your kids are sure to love sending out, check out the collection at Pear Tree Greetings!

A thank you fit for a princess
For that special little princess in your life, check out Pear Tree Greetings’ A Princess Like Me thank you cards.They complement the kids birthday invitations of the same name! Customize the darling princess on the front with your girl’s choice of hair, skin, dress and background colors to make this a truly personal piece of stationery.

Pictures say a thousand words
The First Big Party thank you card is a wonderful way to show party guests how happy they made your child. Your choice of photo is presented on the front of this card, so get as creative as you can! You can select a shot of your little one playing with the toys they received. Or, opt for an adorable picture of them posing with your family’s pet. You pick the location of the thank you message on the front and let your little one express their gratitude in the blank space inside.

Hit a thank you home run
A sports-themed party deserves a matching thank you card, and Pear Tree Greetings has just the design for you. The Hope You Had a Ball thank you cards are perfect if your little one is a future sports star. A baseball is featured on the front in any color you choose, along with your child’s name. Let them fill out the inside to thank their guests for making sure their party was a home run.