Three awesome family holiday photo tips

It can be disarming to have to start thinking about taking family photos for the annual Christmas card while it’s still beach season. Let’s face it, though, the process just works out best this time of year. With the kids out of school and some much-needed vacation days coming to the adults, summer is often the most feasible time to get the entire family together in one place, let alone in front of a camera. Nonetheless, your holiday card photos don’t have to be indistinguishable from everyone else’s. Check out these three ideas to make sure you get a great family photo for this year’s holiday card:

Location, location, location
It may seem a little bit overdone, but there’s actually a ton of potential in using a photo taken on a vacation as your holiday card image. You don’t need to necessarily be somewhere glamorous, either. It doesn’t matter if your family went to the Bahamas this year or took a road trip to see family one state away, people will love to see a picture of you all somewhere unexpected. Given that cameras are ubiquitous during vacations, it really shouldn’t be particularly hard to find a moment that you can get the whole family in the picture. If you’d like to get extra creative with this process, try and make the card somehow reflect the location where your photo is taken. For example: if you took a trip to a dude ranch, you could use that photo for a “Cowboy Christmas” themed card.

Tis(n’t) the season
Bring a little bit of holiday flare into the summertime photo to make your holiday card for this year slightly comical. Whether or not you’re going on a vacation this summer, try and find time to get out to the beach or the pool on a hot day. Get the whole family in their swimsuits and near the water, but have everyone don a Santa hat to add a bit of holiday flair. If you have the time out at the beach, try building a sandman. Style it after your traditional snowman but build it entirely out of wet sand and take a photo with the family in front of it. People will appreciate the humor.

Frame it correctly
This tip might seem a bit obvious, but you want to ensure that the brilliance of your photo isn’t undercut by poor presentation in the holiday card. The best way to avoid this is to take some time before winter approaches to ensure that you’ve found and ordered the right card. Pear Tree Greetings offers an array of options that will complement your photo and showcase your family.

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