Here are some tips for throwing a storybook-themed birthday party.

Tips for hosting a storybook-themed birthday party

Reading together before bedtime has been a cherished family pastime for generations, and if your child has a favorite story that they constantly request, you may want to take their love of literature and turn it into a memorable birthday party. Storybook-themed birthday parties are easy to plan, and they allow your child and their guests to see their favorite characters brought to life! Here’s how to pull off a storybook celebration with a happy ending:

There are a few different directions you take the birthday invitations, but no matter what you decide, they should reflect the theme of the party. One option is to choose an invite that looks like a book itself or has images of books on it. Another creative alternative is to order kids birthday party invitations that reflect your child’s favorite book. For example, if your son can’t get enough of “Where the Wild Things Are,” this Monster Party invitation from Pear Tree Greetings is the perfect choice.

To set up a fun themed activity, ask each guest to come to the party dressed as their favorite storybook character. Then, have the kids play a game of 20 Questions to see if they can guess who everyone is! For a quieter activity, read a few of your son or daughter’s favorite stories out loud to the guests. And if you’re looking for a craft that can double as a party favor, there’s nothing better than homemade bookmarks decorated by each guest!

The decorations you have at your child’s birthday party are a great opportunity to really let the storybook theme come to life. In addition to setting out your son or daughter’s favorite stories for the guests to look through, you can use pages from old books to create a special birthday banner and use personalized bookmarks in lieu of place cards on the table. Recreate the characters in your child’s favorite story by printing them out on large sheets of paper and taping them on the walls. Or, for easy customizable decor, check out Pear Tree Greetings selection of kids party decorations.

In addition to giving the party guests the bookmarks they decorated as favors, you can also give them each a copy of your child’s favorite book and the materials they would need to make a book of their own (think paper and crayons). As for a themed favor for the birthday boy or girl, a personalized children’s book like those offered by Pear Tree Greetings can’t be beat.

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