Consider using any of these top color combinations for your birth announcements.

Top color combinations for birth announcements

When you welcome your little one into the world, you want your friends and family to share in your joy, and that’s where birth announcements come in. While you could go with the traditional color scheme of pink or blue depending on whether your little bundle of joy is a girl or a boy, moms and dads these days are getting a little more creative. Consider using any of these top color combinations instead:

Black, white and gray
City-dwelling and sophisticated parents will love classic-looking black, white and gray birth announcements. Paired with a black and white photo, as is done on this simple and sleek Special Delivery Vertical Photo postcard from Pear Tree Greetings, this monochromatic look is sure to welcome your little one to the world with style.

Green and pink
If you’re determined to use pink on your baby girl’s birth announcements but want to do something a little unexpected, why not add green to the mix? This Baby Block Books birth announcement perfectly demonstrates why many parents are choosing to pair the two hues together: It’s an elegant yet rustic color combination.

Turquoise and white
For a modern take on the classic little boy blue, opt for a birth announcement in turquoise and white. This fresh color combination is on full display in the adorable B is for Baby birth announcements from Pear Tree Greetings. Parents love the way the crisp colors make the photos of their little one pop off the page!

Magenta, pink and orange
Many celebrity parents are favoring bold colors for their birth announcements, and you can too! The magenta, pink and orange combination on this Sweet Debut birth announcement is ideal for presenting your little girl to the world. While the pink may be expected, the addition of magenta and orange adds a contemporary twist.

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