Wedding invitation checklist: information that everyone should include

You’ve finally picked out the perfect wedding invitations for your event and are almost ready to order. But before you do, it’s best to double-check the invitations to make sure guests will be provided with all of the necessary information. You don’t want to accidently forget the time or date and leave guests wondering when you’re wedding will be! Here’s a quick check-list that you can use before ordering invitations.

Must-have information

It’s great to have fun, unique wedding invitations. However, it is also important that they provide useful details. Must-have information includes:

  • Your first and last names: You don’t want guests to be confused about whose wedding they are attending. Make sure to include both you and your fiancé’s first and last names so there are no guessing games.


  • The location: Some of your guests will be travelling from out of town, so it’s not enough to just write down the name of the church or reception hall. Be sure to also include the city and street address for the both the ceremony and reception.
  • Date and time: Don’t forget to let guests know when to show up! When providing the time, include whether the service is in the morning, afternoon or evening.
  • RSVP date: To get an accurate number of how many people will be attending your wedding, you will need them to RSVP. Give them a date of when you need a response so guests aren’t letting you know they plan to attend the day before the wedding.

Optional information

Once your invitation includes all of the necessary information, you can also consider adding additional details such as:

  • Name of the hosts/parents: Couples often choose to include the names of the hosts, which are generally the couple’s parents.
  • The time the reception will finish: If you have the reception venue booked for a certain number of hours, let guests know ahead of time how long the reception plans to last.
  • Dress code: Although guests are usually able to guess whether your wedding will be casual or formal based on the tone of your invitation, sometimes you might want to let them know upfront, just to play it safe.

The best wedding invitations are both stylish and informational. Before you order your invitations, double-check to make sure you’ve included all of the necessary information so guests don’t have to call you with questions.

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