Friday, April 10th

Do you know what today is? It’s my son’s first birthday! This year has gone so fast (as everyone says it does, but you just don’t believe it til it happens to you) and he is SO much fun right now! (aside from his obsession of throwing everything on his high chair tray over the side) I had started this post with “one year ago today I was giving birth”…but that was more about me…and it really should be about Connor :) Plus, childbirth wasn’t exactly a ‘blast’ and worth re-living…however…I did blog on my personal blog throughout the entire process so I could re-live it if I wanted to. We’ll keep those posts in the archive for now. Maybe I should re-read it everytime I get the baby itch…

So what else to do today besides review a few of his pictures…sorry, this is all I have on my work computer so they’re mostly of when he was just a little baby. JUST what you wanted to see today, I’m sure! Regardless…have a good weekend! I have next week off of work so you won’t be hearing from me too much!

Baby Photo

Shortly after entering this world…his first mohawk.

Baby Photo

Couple days spent in the NICU…all better now :) But I just love this picture (aside from the tube of course)…his stay at the NICU was a big part of his life, will never forget it.

Baby Photo

Family Photo

Oh I love this picture. My mom and my Grandma. Four generations.

Baby Photo

And I’ll end on one of my all-time faves…he is such a ham.

Sorry that my picture review only goes til he’s 5 months old. Ha. I’ll be SURE to post pictures from his 1st birthday party. Oh I’m so excited!

Again, have a good weekend and a good week next week!

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