How to write a thank you note

If you’re lucky, your mother, grandmother, or perhaps a teacher taught you how to write a thank you note. It goes something like this: “Dear _______, Thank you for the ______.  I will get a lot of use out of it. Thanks again. Love, ________.”

We all fall back on this basic format when we are in a hurry or don’t know the recipient very well. But often this stilted format doesn’t feel right, especially for a close friend or someone who’s done something unexpectedly nice. Sometimes a simple heartfelt thanks in your own words works better. But what to say? How to say it?

Some of our customers have quoted writers or religious verses, written their own personal haiku, said thank you in multiple languages, or included artwork or photos of themselves or their children holding a hand-painted “Thank You.” We’re amazed by these creative thank you card ideas.

The bottom line is, you know the recipient the best. Your note should make a connection in a way that seems real and personal. With a good friend, being a little cheeky and clever is welcome and sure to incite laughter. With an older friend or relative, the tone might change. But we think any friend would smile at this most simple personalized note: “You’re the best. I’m lucky to know you.”

Pick out some note cards at Pear Tree and start practicing how to write a thank you note!

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