How to fold our Creative Booklet photo cards

Creative Booklet photo cardOur Creative Booklet photo cards hold a special place in our hearts (read our designer’s story) but they can be tricky to fold. Follow these step-by-step instructions to booklet bliss!

1. Lay card flat, photos facing up, with front panel in lower right corner.Step 12. Fold in half vertically, back sides together, and crease. Step 23. Unfold and lay flat on table again, photos facing up.Step 34. Fold top panel down toward you, until top edge rests on center line. Crease fold at top. Step 45. Fold bottom panel up until bottom edge meets top edge at center, with back sides facing up. Crease fold at bottom.Step 56. Fold in half lengthwise along center line, with top and bottom panels folding away from each other, facing out. Crease along center fold. Unfold and lay flat once again, with photos facing up.Step 67. Pinch and pull up on center horizontal fold near the outside edges. While pinching middle panels together, pull out and around until top and bottom panels meet in back.Step 78. Rotate folded card so that front and back panels are facing up toward you and fold all layers in half horizontally, so that the front panel forms the cover and the back panel forms the back. Give all folds one last firm crease.Step 99. You did it! Flip the pages to see your fabulous photos.Step 9Need more help? Watch our how-to video.


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