5 Ways to Say “Happy Mother’s Day”

When we were kids, it was easy to show Mom how much we cared on Mother’s Day. You’ve gave her flowers or dime-store bath beads, and you brought her breakfast in bed. Now that you’re all grown up, and maybe even a mom yourself, you know how much even a little gesture from your kids means to you. It’s the thought that counts, right?

If you’re looking for mother’s day gift ideas, here are a few thought starters for notes to Mom that we know she’ll appreciate. And all you need is a pen, pretty note cards, and a stamp.Mother's Day Gift Ideas #peartreegreetings #stationery #thankyou

Top 10 memories of your mom
The time she visited your 3rd grade classroom and brought cookies. The time she stood up for you against the neighborhood bully. The time you were sick and she watched chick flicks with you all day. The list goes on and on.

5 things Mom was right about
You know what we mean. You argued and screamed about the unfairness of it all, told her she was wrong, and probably said some horrible things in your anger, but it turns out she was right.

Artwork or handprint from grandkids
She loved it as a mom. She’ll love it even more as a grandmom.

3 most valuable things she taught you
Every mom wants to hear that you actually learned something from her. It seems obvious to you, but have you ever thanked her for it?

5 characteristics you inherited from Mom that you are lucky to have
We all joke about not wanting to turn into our mothers, but it’s not always a bad thing, is it? Think about some of the good things she gave you. Then tell her what they are. It’s the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

Visit our gift guide for more personalized gifts for mom as well as everyone else in the family. And keep reading our blog for more unique gift ideas and ways to show your appreciation.


As the copywriter for Pear Tree, Cathy sympathizes with those who are intimidated by the blank space inside a 3 x 5" thank you card. Married to an active husband, and Mom to three teenage boys, she finds herself out-numbered and out-voted on pretty much everything, never gets the remote, and is used to receiving blank stares when talking about girl stuff. This blog is both her outlet and her payback.

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