Pear Tree Poll: What was your best Father’s Day ever?

We asked the three Dads on our Pear Tree team, “What was your best Father’s Day ever?”  Here’s what they said.

Hole In One
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Josh, one of our amazing Web Developers
“The best Father’s Day I can remember actually happened before I became a dad.  I was 20, and I was spending Father’s Day playing golf with my dad, his brother, and their father (my grandpa). I hit a hole in one-my only one so far-and I was the first amongst the group to have done it. As a side note to the story, it’s customary to buy drinks for everyone in the clubhouse when you have an ace, but since I was only 20 years old, they waived that rule for me, lol.”

Devin, our awesome Product Setup and Maintenance guy
“Last year was my first Father’s Day. My wife, Mandy, had made me two picture frames with my daughter Lucy’s hand and foot prints on them, and put pictures of Lucy in them. They’re my two favorite things I keep on my desk.

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David, another of our amazing Web Developers
“The best Father’s Day for me was the last time it coincided with the Summer Solstice … 2009, I think. We were at our cabin, and it was a perfect summer day. Beautiful weather, lots of swimming and fishing, kids playing, Twins game on the radio, and a big meal to celebrate Father’s Day–it was a day that all other summer days aspire to be. That evening we had a roaring bonfire and celebrated well after the sun (finally) went down. Family around a fire on a summer evening with whippoorwills, fireflies, s’mores and laughter isn’t particularly unique, but it was memorable for how idyllic it was, and a day that made this father very happy.

What was your best Father’s Day ever? We’d love to hear your stories.


As the copywriter for Pear Tree, Cathy sympathizes with those who are intimidated by the blank space inside a 3 x 5" thank you card. Married to an active husband, and Mom to three teenage boys, she finds herself out-numbered and out-voted on pretty much everything, never gets the remote, and is used to receiving blank stares when talking about girl stuff. This blog is both her outlet and her payback.

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