Summer Olympics Birthday Party Ideas

Summer is the best time of year to have a kid’s birthday party, don’t you think? My son has an August birthday, and I’ve had tons of fun coming up with summer birthday party ideas for him over the years.

The year he turned 6, the gods were smiling upon us, for the Summer Olympics were being held in Athens that very month. (This August, they’re in London.) I chose sports themed kids birthday invitations, and we held the party at a nearby park where there was plenty of flat, open space for our Olympic ‘events.’ Then it was all about thinking up Olympic birthday party ideas!

Summer Olympics
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The party began with a torch lighting ceremony. One of my older sons jogged from our home to the park, carrying a wand-style BBQ lighter. (Okay, I could’ve made a fake torch, but I’m not that crafty and the kids didn’t care one bit.) They were all waiting at the park and were super excited to see him coming around the corner. As he approached, we hummed the Olympic theme song and gathered around a tikki torch, which he ceremoniously lit. Let the games begin.

Our events included:

  1. Shot put (using water balloons)
  2. Steeplechase (an obstacle course with a wading pool strategically placed for jumping over or running through)
  3. Archery (using a couple of Dollar Store archery sets with suction-cup tips)
  4. Hurdles (which I made with pool noodles resting on various supports at different heights)
  5. Gymnastics (they had to do cartwheels from the starting line to the finish line)

We gave away homemade gold, silver and bronze medals for each event, and made sure everyone earned at least one. At the closing ceremonies we once again gathered around the tikki torch to extinguish the Olympic flame. Sadly, it would be four long years before they would see such awesome Olympic birthday party ideas again!

Read on for more kids birthday party ideas on our blog. Or get your party planning started by choosing from our collection of kids birthday invitations.

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