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Adoption AnnouncementsYou could say that every adoption announcement we print should be a Featured Favorite, and you’d be right. An adopted child’s arrival is such a happy and long-awaited occasion that every one touches our hearts. Little Nash’s Trendy Chevron Stripes – Baby Adoption Announcements is a perfect example, chosen as this month’s Featured Favorite. Here is his story, as told by his new mom, Allison.

“My husband and I longed to be parents ever since we got married seven years ago. After searching in our hearts, we knew adoption was right for us. After navigating all the paperwork, pre-adoption classes and waiting, we were ready to start our family.”

Nash at 5 months“A surprise call from our adoption agency let us know that a round faced, beautiful baby boy, who lived halfway around the world was ready for a forever family, and we were the lucky ones. That was on December 29, 2010, five months after Nash was born. Spreading the news to family and friends was such a delight. We had lots of tears of happiness, and fears of anticipation of when we could travel to South Korea to join Nash with our family. A very long 15 months later, we finally got the call to go bring our baby boy home. A mere 24 hours after that call, we boarded a flight to Seoul, South Korea.”

“The time we spent in Nash’s birth country was life changing. The people are warm, dedicated, hard working, beautiful and committed to their culture. We were united with Nash forever on April 10, 2012. The paperwork, long wait, and feelings of hopelessness all disappeared the minute we held him for the first time.”

“On April 11, 2012, we arrived home to all our family and friends. Here we are, already three months later, and the child we knew as a scarred, grieving little boy has adjusted to a free-spirited, adventurous and loving boy. Nash will always know his story, the story of his birth, of his time living in South Korea, and how he came to join our family. We feel so honored to be his parents and these announcements were the perfect way to share the good news of his arrival with all our family and friends.”

Thanks, Allison, for sharing your story and making one of Pear Tree’s adoption announcement ideas a part of this wonderful event in your lives.


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