Whimsical Giraffe Baby Shower Ideas

Everyone loves a baby shower, and our Whimsical Welcome Giraffe Baby Shower Invitations are a source of inspiration for oodles of giraffe baby shower ideas by celebrations.com. The bold colors, playful polka dots, and extra-tall personality give any party planner plenty of fun design elements to work with.
Giraffe Baby Shower Invitations -- Whimsical Welcome
The table is the center of the party, and a giraffe centerpiece is a particularly eye-catching centerpiece. Surrounded by turquoise, orange and yellow pops of color, he makes a cute focal point. Layering different colored plates and orange party favors, and orange and turquoise straws, brings in the colors from the invitations.
Giraffe Baby Shower Ideas
Baby Shower Address Labels -- Whimsical Welcome
A lucky find of polka-dot ribbon in the perfect colors led to several genius decorating ideas, including chair backers and napkin holder ribbons fastened with a diaper pin—perfect!
Giraffe Baby Shower Ideas
A simple menu of ciabatta sandwiches and salads, accompanied by a colorful punch was ideal for a luncheon shower. Parfaits made in baby food jars are the perfect ending to the meal, and they used our coordinating Giraffe Baby Shower Gift Tags to dress them up!
Baby Shower Gift Tags -- Whimsical Welcome
Baby Shower Gift Tags -- Whimsical Welcome
Look for more baby shower ideas and fun themes like our giraffe baby shower ideas on our blog!
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