What’s Hot This Month – January

Here’s a look at the top five products others are buying at Pear Tree Greetings this month!

1. Save the Date Postcards — Big Date Horizontal Photo
Save the Date Postcards -- Big Date Horizontal Photo

2. Kids Valentine Cards — It’s a Homerun
Kids Valentine Cards -- It's a Homerun

3. Photo Valentine’s Day Card — Sweetheart
Photo Valentine's Day Card -- Sweetheart

4. Save the Date Postcards — Blocks of Love Photo
Save the Date Postcards -- Blocks of Love Photo

5. Valentine’s Day Photo Cards — Long Distance Love
Valentine's Day Photo Cards -- Long Distance Love

Awww, looks like you are spreading the love in January with Valentine’s Day cards and Save the Date Postcards. Our save the date postcards are a great, budget-friendly option for engaged couples. These two postcard designs are perfect. They have room for photos, your choice of colors and lots of text to let your guests know the details of your upcoming wedding. And our Valentine’s Day cards. Our hearts are aflutter with your top picks — a baseball, a heart and a long distance greeting — boy, you sure know how to make us melt with happiness!

Head over to www.peartreegreetings.com to design your favorite card ­ and hey, maybe it’ll be the card that shows up in our next, What’s Hot This Month post!

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