Yee Haw! Cowgirl Birthday Party Ideas

When discussing my niece’s birthday theme with my sister-in-law, we tossed around a few different ideas and browsed through Pear Tree’s collection for inspiration, but it wasn’t until we brought up cowgirl birthday party ideas that it took Ashlyn all of 2 seconds to say “YES!” and off we went, planning her cowgirl themed 5th birthday party!

Our Yee-haw! Western Birthday Invitations in Pink are one of my favorite cowgirl birthday party invitations. (Yes, we have more than one!) I love the typography, the colors, the wood grain pattern, everything. My sister-in-law snapped the perfect photo to use on the card, too, with Ashlyn in her pink cowgirl hat.
Cowgirl Birthday Party ideas
I have to give my sister-in-law lots (maybe all?) of credit on the decor! Guests knew they were at the right party with a pink cowgirl hat hanging on the front door to welcome everyone. Who needs balloons?
Cowgirl Birthday Party ideas
Brown tablecloths with pink bandanas as the centerpieces were sprinkled with our Yee-haw Cowgirl Party Decorations. On other tables she used a burlap runner over a sparkling pink runner, again sprinkled with the table decor.
Cowgirl Birthday Party ideas
Cowgirl Birthday Party ideas
Cowgirl Birthday Party ideas
The food was delicious—so delicious it was gone before we thought to take photos! :) We can tell you that we served pulled pork sandwiches, potato chips, beans and potato salad—all great cowgirl and cowboy food! The dessert, however, was amazing. Cupcakes, special ordered from a local baker, were adorned with cowboy boots and pink cowgirl hats, just like Ashlyn’s!
Cowgirl Birthday Party ideas Cowgirl Birthday Party ideas
Ashlyn loved her party, and these cowgirl birthday party ideas were a snap for us to pull together, so of course that makes it a success!
Cowgirl Birthday Party ideas
Cowgirl Birthday Party ideas

Check out Pear Tree’s selection of kids birthday invitations to choose your kids birthday party theme or keep reading our blog for more kids birthday party ideas.

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