Winter Warm Up Birthday Party

Winter Warm Up Birthday Party - hot chocolate bar #peartreegreetings #birthdaypartyideas #kidsbirthday
With the winter we are having in Minnesota, an outdoor party is out of the question. My niece has a March birthday and every year we struggle to come up with indoor birthday party ideas. This year for her 6th birthday we decided to embrace the cold. Our theme was “Baby, it’s cold outside,” and we decided to stay indoors and have each guest create a canvas craft project. We emphasized the theme with snowflakes on our invitations and a hot chocolate bar for the birthday treat!

Winter Warm Up Birthday Party - the theme begins with the kids birthday invitation #peartreegreetings #birthdaypartyideas #kidsbirthday
Pear Tree’s Snow Day Vertical Christmas Cards with white snowflakes printing over the full photo made perfect winter birthday party invitations. We added Avery’s photos and changed the text to spell out the party details to invite everyone to the celebration.

Winter Warm Up Birthday Party - hot chocolate bar #peartreegreetings #birthdaypartyideas #kidsbirthday

Winter Warm Up Birthday Party - hot chocolate bar #peartreegreetings #birthdaypartyideas #kidsbirthdayWinter Warm Up Birthday Party - hot chocolate bar #peartreegreetings #birthdaypartyideas #kidsbirthday
The hot chocolate bar was placed on a dresser with a burlap sash draping the bottom of the dresser. I tied the burlap with simple knots to add more texture, and tied strips of burlap around each cup with twine. Metal vases filled with branches adorned both sides of the hot chocolate bar, and we intertwined 3D garland from branch to branch. I found the inspiration for the garland from a Girl in the World blog.

Winter Warm Up Birthday Party - hot chocolate bar #peartreegreetings #birthdaypartyideas #kidsbirthdayWinter Warm Up Birthday Party - hot chocolate bar #peartreegreetings #birthdaypartyideas #kidsbirthday
The hot chocolate bar consisted of hot chocolate, topped with all different types of candy displayed in glass jars. The guests chose from peppermints, caramels, Rolos, Oreos, chocolate chips and homemade marshmallows. I had leftover confetti from the garland, so I used them as coasters for the jars. Of course a party isn’t complete without some cupcakes and cookies too!

Winter Warm Up Birthday Party - hot chocolate bar #peartreegreetings #birthdaypartyideas #kidsbirthday
Winter Warm Up Birthday Party - canvas art project #birthdaypartyideas #kidsbirthday #peartreegreetings
After each guest grabbed a cup of hot chocolate, we moved on to our canvas craft project. Girls received a painted canvas with their initial outlined on top. (We did this ahead of time to speed things up and avoid messing with wet paint.) We spread glue inside the initial and the girls carefully placed jewels inside the outline to complete the initial. This was a great hit! Not to mention that it took up almost 30 minutes of the party – an amazing feat when you consider those short attention spans!

Winter Warm Up Birthday Party - favors at the kids birthday party #peartreegreetings #birthdaypartyideas #kidsbirthday
Finally, each guest left with her finished craft project and a goodie bag. The bags were adorned with stickers repurposed versions of Pear Tree’s Modern Monogram Pairing Wedding Favor Tags. Our success with this winter birthday taught us a lesson about kids birthday party ideas. The secret is to find activities that are simple, not too complicated and result in a great keepsake!

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