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Featured Favorite Bold Foil Christmas card idea
This mom, Adrea, was torn between two different Christmas card ideas, so she sent us an email to ask our opinion. We picked the Bold Foil Christmas Cards because we liked the way it fit with her family photo. (Her other choice was the Oh What Fun Holiday Photo Card with just their two children on the front.) What do you think? Did we make the right decision?

Adrea thinks so. “You were so helpful with our decision. When you said you liked the family picture best, we went with it! The tipping point for me was knowing that our young children wouldn’t fit in our arms for many more Christmas card photos, so we took advantage of how sweet they looked in this picture!

“While the Oh What Fun card was absolutely adorable, we were drawn to the gold foil Merry and Bright as fitting so perfectly with our family picture, taken in Pawley’s Island, South Carolina, over the summer. We were able to use the picture of our two babes that we loved so much on the back of the Merry and Bright card, with the blue card complementing the ocean.” We agree. Good choice!

Photo credit: Meghan Whitney Photography

Christmas Cards

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Featured Favorite

We’ve always said that great photos make great Christmas cards, and this Featured Favorite is proof. We love the way the tropical colors and gold foil pop off the black chalkboard background. Our Minnesota team couldn’t help being drawn in by the warm-location photos and reached out to ask where these photos were taken.

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Top 10 Christmas Card Wording Ideas

There are so many beautiful ways to say Merry Christmas! At Pear Tree, we believe that your Christmas greeting is as much about the design as it is about the wording. Here are some of our favorite Christmas card wording ideas and designs that will help you put a fresh twist on your Christmas cards this year.

Season’s Greetings is a traditional message that takes on a modern vintage look with ornate detailing and a beautiful holly print. Personalize this card.Seasons_Greetings.jpg

Holiday Hello comes to life in your choice of 5 foil colors and a handwritten style. Personalize this card.

Be Filled With Joy has a joyous look, using playful red and white text on a kraft paper background. The red stripes in the word “joy” are foil stamped. Personalize this trifold card. See this design in our new swatch book format.Be_Filled_With_Joy.jpg Continue reading

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3 Ways to Use Mini Ornaments

Personalized Ornaments

What can you do with our fabulously tiny mini ornaments? That depends on how you personalize them. Only 1.25-inches in diameter, our mini ornaments come in sets of six, some with personalization options (like photos, colors and text) and some without. Here are three fun ways to use them.

Decorate a mini tree
Create a theme with your own photos, or use our pre-personalized mini ornament designs. Perfect for an office, tabletop holiday display or centerpiece!
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Our Best: Super Fancy Christmas Cards

Treat yourself to the best of the best! Our new super fancy Christmas cards are premium in every way—the kinds of cards that make your friends say “Oooo!” when they get them in the mail. With upgrades like double thick paper and innovative formats like sliders and swatch books, these premium Christmas cards are sure to stand out this year.

Old Tyme Christmas
Gorgeous watercolor print + double thick paper = one of our favorite holiday cards!
Old Tyme Christmas Premium Christmas Cards

Multicolor Greeting Slider
When two photos just won’t do, show off 17 more memories with a super-fancy slide-out panel.
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5 Christmas Card Ideas That Stand Out

What will it take, this year, to be the one with the Christmas cards everyone raves about? It all starts with your fabulous photos and unique style, of course, but one of these Christmas card ideas will take your card from meh to amazing.

1. Pick a Genevieve Gorder holiday card
Browse Pear Tree’s exclusive Genevieve Gorder Holiday Collection for playful designs you won’t find anywhere else!Jolly Faux Foil Genevieve Gorder Holiday Photo Card

2. Send a super fancy card
Our new premium Christmas cards are designed to impress, with upgrades like double thick paper or 2-sided foil.
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6 Dos and Don’ts of Christmas Cards

Finding the right Christmas card and personalizing it with photos, colors and a holiday greeting is fun and easy, right? What could possibly go wrong? The truth is, not much, if you know what not to do. Here are the 6 dos and don’ts of Christmas cards that will help you avoid a costly (or embarrassing) mistake.

Dos and Don'ts of Christmas Cards #1Dos and Don'ts of Christmas Cards #2
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Genevieve Gorder Holiday Collection Is Here!

We're excited to announce the arrival of the Genevieve Gorder Holiday Collection, exclusively for Pear Tree!

We’re excited to announce the arrival of the Genevieve Gorder Holiday Collection, exclusively for Pear Tree! As a designer, television personality and host, Genevieve Gorder brings design to everything she touches. You’re going to love her holiday card ideas that bring a playful new dimension to Pear Tree’s holiday collection. Here’s a peek at a few of Genevieve’s designs.

Gold Diamonds Premium Christmas Cards | Genevieve Gorder for Pear Tree Continue reading

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Featured Favorite

Pear Tree Featured Favorite

We don’t see thank you cards like this one every day! This Featured Favorite, a wedding thank you card, was created by Brett and Gabriella for their May wedding. When we saw the photo with Pope Francis, we just had to hear their story.

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