Pear Tree Greetings goes back to school

In honor of everyone who is going back to school this month, Pear Tree Greetings’ team members decided to join in with sharing photos of their school days. Enjoy. Seriously, enjoy. Comments are more than welcome!
This is Megan on her first day of Kindergarten. Megan is one of our website designers. She suits up in her overalls and turtlenecks each day and goes to work making our site fresh, our emails memorable, our social sites beautiful and oh so much more!

Have a photo of your child going back to school this year? Share it by entering in our Back to School Photo Contest.

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Pear Tree Greetings goes back to school

In honor of everyone who is going back to school this month, Pear Tree Greetings’ team members decided to join in with sharing photos of their school days. Enjoy. Seriously, enjoy. Comments are more than welcome!
This is Christy on her first day of preschool. Christy is a monthly blogger on Pear Salad and manages all things marketing at Pear Tree. Here is what Christy’s mom said about her first day of preschool, “The choice of tights was YOURS…it was probably my concession to you during our fight to get you to wear the dress ; )

Have a photo of your child going back to school this year? Share it by entering in our Back to School Photo Contest.

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Girl’s ice cream birthday party ideas

There have been a lot of birthday parties lately at Pear Tree! My niece, Taytum, just turned three. My sister-in-law told me that she wanted to have a party and asked me for birthday party ideas, starting with kids birthday invitations from Pear Tree. She wanted an invite that would show a lot of photos, since she loves to take pictures of her daughter. We decided on the Colliding Collage birthday invitations—perfect!
Girl's ice cream birthday party ideas #peartreegreetings #icecream #birthdayGirl's ice cream birthday party ideas #peartreegreetings #icecream #birthdayNow, you just cannot have a party without going all out like everybody is doing nowadays. We decided that an ice cream party would be a fun and started looking for ice cream party ideas. I volunteered to do the cakes. (I love to bake.) She wanted a butterfly cake, and I wanted to do some fun cakes for the table as well.

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90th birthday party ideas

Birthday party ideasMy Grandma Rose is so special to my family and me. Turning 90 years old is quite the milestone, and we wanted to make her birthday party very special and memorable—not only for her, but for the guests!

All of our birthday party ideas started with the invite. I was unsure which card I wanted to use and was tossing around several ideas, including Postal Delivery Invitation Postcard, or repurposing our Lasting Introduction birth announcement or Circles of Celebration trifold party invitations, the two-sided tri-fold was perfect for a 90th birthday party invitation! I was able to share a timeline, showcasing the highlights of Grandma’s 90 years of happiness! To make these invites stick out in the mailbox, I used Tying the Knot Address Labels in hot pink to seal it shut.

I received a lot of compliments about the invite. One of Grandma’s friends was so excited that she said she had been showing everybody and was going to take it to coffee and show all of her friends! She said it was the most unique invite she had ever received.

Birthday party ideas

Once the invite was ordered, I got to work on planning the party and making the decorations. I wanted the guests to leave with a remembrance of Grandma Rose, so I made little photo magnets using the same photos I used on the invite. Then I packaged them using clear bags and stapling Cupcake Love Kids Stationery and Looking Linear Confetti to the bags. It was a fun token for the guests to take home and put on their fridge in honor of Grandma Rose.

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Goal: be more ‘intentional’

This year on my blog, Infarrantly Creative, the word of the year I chose was “intentional.”  I have such a desire to live my life on purpose, to be intentional in my relationships and the things I choose to spend my time on.  I want to keep short accounts with people.  I want people to always know where they stand with me and how much I love and appreciate them.  So this year has been a mission to try to do that.  I have been doing everything from scheduling monthly lunches with my best friend to remembering (and being on time!) birthday gifts and taking that extra minute to make that phone call.


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A customer service story with a notable ending

thank you noteA few weeks ago, I had to bring my car into the shop to get it checked out. Since I had recently moved to town, I asked friends for recommendations and wound up bringing it to a small, locally-owned place in town.

From the beginning, I was pleased with their service. I was able to drop it off in the morning, and one of the employees was kind enough to meet me there before opening and give me a ride to work. Later that day they called to tell me they had found a serious safety issue with the car, completely unrelated to the problems I’d been having. Despite a heavy workload, they were able to get the parts and have them installed the very next day.

When I picked up the car, I found a small package of jelly beans with a handwritten note that said, “Thank you for supporting our locally-owned business.” I had a great feeling about them and knew I’d be going back to them when necessary. Well, that turned out to be sooner than expected. Continue reading

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Summer Reading Activities for Kids

School is out for the summer, but how do you avoid a “summer slump” in reading skills? Here are a few summer reading activities to help kids get ready for learning and reading in the fall:

Make reading a habitSummer reading ideas
- Find ways to talk, read and write everyday.
- Read to your child for 15 minutes or more every day, at different intervals so reading becomes a routine.
- If your child is already a reader, you should still keep reading aloud – it will help with comprehension and vocabulary development.

Make friends with letters
- When you read to your child, point out letters and the sounds they make. Find common letters on a page, or letters that are in your child’s name.
- Point out and talk about letters when you see them on signs, food boxes, buses and other high-visibility places.
- Whenever you’re waiting – at a traffic light, in a restaurant, etc. – play the “alphabet game.” Think of words that start with the same letter or the same sound, then take turns coming up with as many different words or sounds as possible. Continue reading

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Goodbye college, hello Pear Tree

I was hired at Pear Tree Greetings as the Marketing Intern a little over a year ago and have kept myself super busy with being a full-time student, full-time employee, officer of the Marketing Club, and starting my own cupcake business. And now to top it off, a couple weeks ago, I graduated from Minnesota State University – Mankato (MSU) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Marketing and International Business, and a minor in German.

GermanyWhile attending college, I had the chance to travel abroad where I studied in Germany for six months. I had never been to Europe, I had never left the Midwest, and I had never even been on an airplane! But, I took the leap and got on that plane and flew across the world! I met the most amazing people, learned a lot about the German culture, and traveled to 10 different countries. I now have so many other places I want to go, and friends all over the world that I can visit.

I was also in the Marketing Club at MSU for two years and was elected Director of Finance my senior year. I learned a lot about marketing; we toured fun companies in the Twin Cities area, and even traveled to Chicago and St. Louis for business tours and, of course, sightseeing. Continue reading

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A Mother’s Day Wish

Every year when I was growing up, a couple of weeks before Mother’s Day, my brother and I would ask our mom what we should get her to celebrate the occasion.

“Nothing,” she would invariably say. “Just a little bit of time together as a family.”

To us as kids, it seemed like a silly answer. She got to spend time with us every day, sometimes more than I suspect she wanted. Here was a chance to rake in some loot, and she chose, year after year, to turn it down.At the Park Continue reading

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Two words for teachers: Thank You

elmer's glue

My kindergarten teacher didn’t exactly fit the mold for someone tasked with motivating 6 year olds. He was wiry, thin with sunken cheekbones and blond, wispy hair. Smiles were infrequent, and his methods stern. When he handed out papers bulbous knuckles protruded from sinewy fingers. His methods were unpredictable, and, frankly, he was a tad frightening. I don’t remember much about learning to count or the disadvantages of eating glue (but I can count now, and I only infrequently sample the Elmer’s), but I do remember the rooster he brought into the classroom. And I remember how fascinating it was to dissect an owl pellet. And I remember watching those sinewy fingers tap a maple tree and a satisfying smile spread between those same, sunken cheekbones. Somehow he instilled in me an appreciation for the outdoors through unpredictable, arresting methods. I think maybe it was simply because he cared.

It wasn’t until much later, into my adulthood, that I realized how much he meant to me as a teacher. I love the outdoors, and so much of my fondness, I realize, stemmed from the passion he shared with us kindergartners. I wish I had thanked him. That I had known enough to tell him what he was doing mattered, and that it made a difference.

Both my parents are teachers. When I’ve seen my mother the most satisfied is when she wells up reading a thank you letter from a former student, years later, simply sharing with her the impact she’s made. I’ve missed my chance to tell Mr. Miller what he meant to me, and that’s an unfortunate reality for  many of us adults. But our kids, being taught and inspired right now, they still have the chance. And all it takes is a note with two simple words: Thank You.

- Wyatt

Other favorite teachers from our team:

Now that I’m grown I can’t help but smile at the sheer embarrassment I felt over my mother’s occupation as our elementary school librarian. It’s amazing how different that memory looks through my adult eyes! I know that I have her to thank for my interest not only in literature, but art, politics and geography as well. As a librarian, my mother opened a world to me through books that I wouldn’t have experienced otherwise. I will be eternally grateful for that gift.

- Megan

Beginning of my sophomore year in college I had a professor who taught us very well in the classroom, but more than that he taught us how to prepare for the ‘working world’. He was an inspirational teacher and shared with us his career story- once a newspaper reporter to Editor-in-Chief to college professor- and how each job helped him become who he is today. I thank him for helping me realize what I was learning in each class and how to apply it to better myself professionally.


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